Avoiding Burnout

In our "Avoiding Burnout" show that is available for download at www.fromthelivingroom.com, we shared the acronym ARISE to talk through some tips on how to avoid burnout.


A- stands for AWARE. When you're feeling edgy and anxious, like the scales are ready to tip, it's important to become aware of your space and circumstances. Awareness makes you honest with yourself.  It let's you admit that what you're doing isn't working and that it's okay to re-evaluate things. First things first; become aware.  


R - stands for RENEW. Renew your environment with a quick change of pace.  Take a walk outside or do some Yoga stretches. Renew your spirit by listening to peaceful meditation music. Invite a loved one or friend to see a movie and go to dinner somewhere you've never been before. Do something different to renew your soul and you'll feel renewed an energized once you return to your to-do list.  You'll be refreshed and ready to get back to work, and more mindful of what the absolute necessities are verses the nice to do's so you can better prioritize your energy and time.  


I - stands for "I" -- meaning you matter.  So, make sure you're making self-care a priority.  If you feel like you don't have consistent self-care practices, maybe start with making a joy list, and choose to do something from your joy list--actually choose it and DO it-- so that you care for the "I" in you.  


S - stands for SURRENDER. Surrender to powers that can help you push back from burnout. Your higher power and also your friends, family, people who love and care about you and support you, are here in your life to help you.  Why do women so often try so hard to do things alone?  We're crazy when we do!  The "S" stands for surrender to remind us of the truth--that we all need helpers.  Sometimes surrendering looks like bringing in help from the outside.  Maybe it looks like scheduling a house cleaner to get you over a hump.  Or, hiring someone to do yard work so you can get caught up on the inside of the house.  Or, delegating responsibilities at home or work or at church to capable individuals that God has placed in your path.  The let go to how "they" choose to do the jobs, because you're surrendering, right?  Not controlling.  Remember also that surrendering means waiting for the the right time and right season to do some projects and take on roles you're passionate about, because we can't everything all at once.  I like to say...surrender to "what is" so that "what should be" can be.  


E - stands for ELEVATE. Elevate yourself to higher ground so you can see all that is going on around you.  Only then can you see things clearly.  Sometimes, literally  taking yourself to higher ground and doing something like going on a hike elevates us and helps us see our life from a different perspective.  There is something about being in nature that helps me, so sometimes, even when things are hectic, it's work if for me to take 30 minutes to an hour and go out in nature and BE IN NATURE.  Sometimes I take a  journal with me so I can jot down promptings that I have while I'm hiking.  Or, I'll listen to talk from my church's General Conference.  Elevating yourself to receive inspiration can look like visiting a house of worship, reading an uplifting message, or meditating and praying.  All of these activities will elevate your mind, heart, and soul and help you engage your life, and avoid burning out.

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