Robert W Jones


Robert W. Jones
Owner & Founder of Network Together, LLC 

Sponsored by Speakers Pathway Coalition. We provide training for TEDx Talks, Speakers, Authors, Internet Marketers,  Networking, How to Craft Your Talk using Story Telling.  For more information go to is the largest non-franchised, independently owned, personal development and business networking organization in the State of Arizona. Robert is an Internet Marketer, Speaker, Leader, Mentor and Trainer.

His organization provides a platform for Public Speaking, Business and Personal Development, Business Networking and Cause-Related marketing outlets for members who in addition want to serve the Youth and Not-For-Profit communities.

Robert's company Network Together, puts on over 1,000 meetings and events per year, including his signature event the which occurs 4 times per year that brings in 200 to 500 attendees.

Also in today's show, Robert shared how some people leave the corporate world to become an entrepreneur and in the end all they did was go from a cubicle at the corporate office to their home office ‘cubicle' which turns into ‘Solitary Confinement'.

Robert shared how we throw words around some will say they are an entrepreneur; but are they? Or do what they really have is a side gig? (Details on the show.)

Do you have urgency in your life? We must have passion and we must look at it like Jim Rohn. He said if someone is drowning in a river, we have a moral obligation to go out and save that person. If we have that sense of obligation and passion, we should look at every client as someone we need to help save.

Problem is we get to focused and obsessed about the quality and the value and relationships. But if people are going to look at YOU and say WHY should I do business with YOU...we have to have that great sense of urgency.

If you have this urgency to help others, you are willing to go the extra mile and maybe put in a few extra hours. This is what will set YOU apart and above the rest of the crowd. (More details in the show!!)

We all have 24 hours in a day, so WHY do we use the ‘EXCUSE' that we don't have enough time to live our dream and serve others? How can we solve this, or deal with this. Robert shared a lot of gold nuggets on this subject during the show. (Hint: Are you too busy to be productive? What is the Goliath in your life that is holding you back?)

Robert shared how we live our lives expecting results on the ‘Egg-Timer' schedule. People have to Earn...Learn and Learn How to Earn!! What is SBE??? We need to understand that people are SOCIAL, we are Social beings that need help to be profitable in their BUSINESS venture. In Business we need to Earn and Learn in order to help others. Training and coach has to be ENTERTAINING, because we live in a ‘gamified society'.

So SBE has to be Social, it has to be about Business and it MUST be Entertaining. These are ‘key performance indicators' (KPI's) and if you have these you will be more successful than if you lack one or two of these ‘KPI's'.

Personal Networking is YOUR ability to meet maybe just one person and help them change their life for the better. Dandy Don shared about a talk he heard at a recent TEDx Talk event where he was the coach to the speakers. This one speaker talked about reaching one person, many times we are so focused on getting ‘Likes' on a post we make....rather than did we reach out and help someone. Don't get caught up and distracted by numbers. Which is more important to YOU?

FORMULA FOR SUCCESS: Success in life is serving others, providing great value and THEN serve many others!!!

Robert shared a story how his father was a very smart man. He was a mathematician and engineer who went to Notre Dame and worked for Northern Natural Gas that later became Enron. Back in the early 1960's, his father played bridge and had four bridge partners. One of his bridge partners gave him an opportunity to sign up with this gentleman who was an upstart financial planner. It was an opportunity in that moment and time, that came more than once during his bridge playing. That gentleman that offered hissed this opportunity was Mr. Warren Buffet. So how did this opportunity work out for his dad? The rest of the Story is in today's show. So download the podcast or listen to the show on iTunes.



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