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AuthorTalk…get the story behind the story! Dive into the stories whether it be literature, children’s books, mysteries, romance, history, inspirational and so much more. It’s all on AuthorTalk. You’ll get to hear the authors talking about their books and the journey behind how it all began. Take the opportunity to hear the insights on what inspired them to write it. Author Talk is presented by AuthorHouse…the leading provider of services to help authors publish, promote, and sell their books around the world. AuthorHouse has served the publishing needs of nearly 30,000 authors and produced more than 40,000 titles. Join us LIVE every Sunday at 1:00-2:00PM Eastern to hear the latest interviews by today’s authors!


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Heidi A. Mengis, Therese Wilson, Edward J. Miliam
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Ricky Kennison , Autumn Carpentier, Lois Richman
Autumn Carpentier, Lois Richman , Les Stubbs & Bejamin J. West
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