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AuthorVoices on Air: Get the story behind the story on fiction, thrillers, children's books, mysteries, romance, sci-fi and fantasy, religion and so many more topics. It's all on AuthorVoices on Air. You'll get to hear authors from Australia and New Zealand talking about their books. Take the opportunity to hear the insights on what inspired them to write, why they love what they do, and their publishing experiences.

AuthorVoices on Air is presented by Author Solutions, LLC...the leading provider of services to help authors publish, promote, and sell their books around the world. Author Solutions, LLC has served the publishing needs of more than 180,000 authors and produced more than 225,000 titles. Join Deb Hann LIVE every Sunday at 3-4 AM Eastern (5-6 PM New South Wales time; 7-8 PM New Zealand time) to hear the latest interviews by today's authors!

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“Don’t die with your music still in you”  Wayne Dyer

Have you ever wondered about the triggering spark of inspiration from the author’s perspective? Been curious about their writing experience? Wanted to know more about the story behind the story?

Welcome to Author Voices On Airthe very place to discover these answers and so many more.

My name is Deb Hann, I live in the wonderful Land of Oz – you may know it as Australia – and it is my pleasure to share  these inspired authors and their stories with you.

People inspire me everyday, whether I’m wearing my coaching and mentoring hat, facilitating leadership development, working the room on a speaking gig or sharing a meal with family and friends – it’s a genuine privilege to hear and experience the collective creative genius of people from all walks of life, at all stages of life.

One of my favourite inspirational authors of all time has been Wayne Dyer – from his first book  ‘Your Erroneous Zones’ and the dozens of inspired offerings throughout his fully lived life, he was well known for his encouragement to ensure we lived fulfilled lives and our music, our stories didn’t die with us.

Story telling the art of sharing information through the ages, be that events that have shaped history, shaped our core values and beliefs about life and our existence, inspirational human stories shared to inspire hope and possibility through tragedy to triumph experiences or stories inspired from creative minds designed to capture the imagination of the reader and transport them through the tales’ journey.

Do join me, as these amazing authors share their stories with you.  Together, we can make sure their ‘music’ lives and ultimately is heard and enjoyed.

Catch you in the ether

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