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Pieter J. DeWet, M.D., M.D.(H), FAAFP, ABIHM
Holistic Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Homeopathy, Family Practice, Chronic Disease Management

Dr. Pieter J. DeWet has been in private practice, practicing Wellness medicine since 1997 and is the owner and medical director of QHI Wellness (Quantum Healing Institute) in Tyler, TX. Dr. de Wet graduated medical school in 1985 and has been a family physician since 1991 when he obtained his Board Certification in Family Medicine through the American Board of Family Medicine. He has been a fellow of the American Academy of Family Practice since 1994 and completed a fellowship in Faculty Development in 1994. He has been a Diplomat of the American Board of Holistic and Integrative Medicine (not recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties) since the year 2000. In 2007 he also received his Arizona Homeopathic and Integrative medicine license.

Dr. DeWet completed his residency in family medicine at the University of Texas Health Center at Tyler in 1991. He pursued a career in academic medicine at UT Health Center starting immediately after his residency until he left UT Health Center in 1997 to go into private practice. Dr. DeWet was associate professor of family medicine and associate program director of the family practice residency program. He was intimately involved in the development of numerous chronic disease management programs at the University of Texas Health Center. He was also the founder and director of the Center for Nutrition Preventive Medicine there from 1995-1997.

Dr. DeWet has been co-host of a nationally syndicated radio program called Healthy, Wealthy & Wise since 2004. He and his wife Cindi hosted their own XM radio program called, "The Quantum Healing Hour" on SIRUS XM before moving to Toginet.  Dr. DeWet has spent his entire career in medicine starting from the time he entered medical school to search for the most effective, least harmful and the most cost effective methods to treat patients with complex health challenges, and currently treats patients from all around the country and worldwide for diseases and health conditions ranging from the most simple to some of the most complex. Dr. DeWet approaches all patients holistically, which means he focuses on body, mind and soul and routinely addresses and assists in the treatment of patient's physical, emotional, social, mental, environmental and spiritual issues as it relates to their overall health situation. He is determined to find and treat the root causes of illness in each patient that he sees which is one reason why Dr. DeWet is credited for getting very good results with the majority of his patients, especially those that are willing to make the commitment to heal all aspects of their health challenges.


Are food sensitivities making you fat and sick?

Food sensitivities are now affecting virtually every human being on the planet with most people unaware of this.  Learn all about the miriad of diseases and symptoms that can be linked to food sensitivities, how to get diagnosed and how to resolve them and the diseases they cause.

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Thermography and your Health

Are you interested in getting a leg up on disease in your body, especially some of the more serious health concerns that so many are being diagnosed with these days?

We are all inundated with warnings about this or that cancer and the need for screenings such as mammography, yet many people are concerned about issues like excessive radiation actually contributing to an increased risk of cancer and the fact that traditional screening methods are often unable to find disease at its earliest stages when it is easier to treat.

Listen to this program to learn everything you need to know about this extraordinary diagnostic tool that makes a big difference in giving us early indications that things are going wrong in the body before a scary diagnosis befalls you. Also learn about what can be done to clear these problems before they become searios, life threatening health challenges.

With us on the show will be Dr. Carolyne Yakaboski, Naturopathic Physician and thermographer.


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Optimizing Body Detox

Supporting healthy liver, kidney, gut, lymphatics, skin and lung functions: Your health depends in a big way on how your detox organs are faring.

Learn about these critical organs and how to monitor and maintain and how to optimize their health and your health in return.

Illness and disease happens when our detox organs fail to stay ahead of the fray. Every day we get inundated with toxins in our water, food supply, environment, homes, work places, etc.

How do we we get the most out of our detox organs and our bodies? You will hear the answers on this show!!


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The Ph Miracle - Alkalinized your way back to Health

Listen to this show to learn more about why body pH (or alkalinity / acidity ballance) is so important to your health.

You will learn what exactly pH represents, how pH affects your health, how to monitor your pH and how to regulate your pH.

This subject has huge implications to your health if you want to get healthy or stay healthy.

Books featured: Heal Thyself -Transform your Life, Transform your Health, The pH miracle, Bringing Sexy Back.

Products featured: Basic detox kit, K Bicarb, Life Force Naturals, Chlorella, Spirulina, Nature's probiotic.


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Resolving Obesity at its Roots

Resolving Obesity at its Roots: The 9 conflicts programming for obesity: With obesity rates continuing to skyrocket, we review on this show the 9 key emotional conflicts programming for obesity to help listeners understand why we get fat. Even though genetics and lifestyle may play a role, the major drivers of obesity and illness in general are unresolved biological conflicts affecting us at a brain level and tissue level but hard to track down because they hide in the subconscious. They create a "blind spot " hard for anyone afflicted to discern and resolve unless they gain the necessary insights. The information discussed in this show is also reviewed in detail in my book "Bringing Sexy Back - Transform the Body you Have into the Body you Want"; and "Heal Thyself - Transform your Life, Transform your Health" available on line at Also check out our package specials for weight loss - on the same website. - See the weight loss package and the weight loss support package. You can also contact us for the BHCG Weight loss package for those wanting to be a lot more aggressive at 903.939.2069.

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