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Self-Segregation: Breaking Man-Made Boundaries and Fear

Self-Segregation? How do we break man-made boundaries and fear? I want to share a conversation on that topic with you. It’s a little gift from heaven and from my friend, Linda Kreter, host of Wise Health for Women.

God is good. I know because sometimes such fun things happen a loving heavenly Father is the only explanation. Some consequences can only be called mini-miracles. Things for which God intends to remain anonymous, as my Dad used to say. My friendship with Linda is a big, mini-miracle in my life. 

Steps Of Faith Leading to Mini-Miracles

For example, when I decided to speak out about prejudice vs. racism, it was a stretch for me. Clearly, there’s so much vitriol around the topic. I prefer staying safe. I love the topic of healing the culture one family, one conversation at a time. 

But how can families and communities talk with so much free-floating hostility and fear? So, I went for it. 

Amazingly, God rewarded me in unexpected ways. For instance, Linda contacted me out of the blue after the first article: Racism Vs. Prejudice: Inspiring Bold and Noble Ideas

She said, “Let’s talk!” On air. On her wonderful show. See how God blesses us all? One little step of faith. One domino avalanche of blessings for anyone who tunes in.    

In this fast-paced episode, Linda deftly raises the talking points most people try to avoid. Who wants to be labeled racist, right? Yet how can we have conversations if we’re all too afraid to talk? Please listen in. Or find more podcasts on Fireside Talk Radio.

Refusing Self-Segregation

So how do we refuse self-segregation? By stepping into our fear and ignoring the hostility and fear of others. We can boldly cross over man-made divisions. Okay, maybe we do it a little timidly at first. But who cares? As long as we just do it!

In our conversation, I share tons about how we can bridge the race gap, creating friendships across man-made, self-segregating lines. Here's a quick peak:

  • Forego token friendships. Really commit.
  • Step into fear of rejection.
  • Look in the right places.

Of course, we go into much more detail in the podcast. Happily, if you listen in, you’ll also get blessed with Linda’s gentle voice, her authenticity, and her beautiful heart.

Friends Who Challenge and Bless

Seriously, the idea of two white girls talking about race is pretty laughable, you have to admit. But as awkward as we may seem, conversations with Linda always prompt more self-awareness for anyone willing to talk to her. 

In fact, Linda always gently challenges me to have a better heart, a better mind, a clearer purpose. EVERY time I talk to her. I think you will LOVE the way she always goes deeper. Find the other blogs in this series: 

Racism Vs. Prejudice: Inspiring Bold and Noble Ideas

White Gal in a Black Church: How did THAT Happen?

Black Churches: Can White Churches Desegregate Sunday?

Get this though, I first met Linda because I stepped into my fear of podcasting. Yep, I trusted God and I trusted Sandra Beck

Fear of Sharing Personal Perspectives in Public 

Back in 2016, for over a year Sandra encouraged me to start Fireside Talk Radio.

Even before we finally recorded that first episode, she coached me through my other website related media fears. Obviously, sharing personal perspectives in public is huge. But Sandra even came on the show herself and shared her personal story.

Then, she introduced me to a whole bunch of Dynamic Women, who also encouraged me. 

Linda was among those wonderful new friends. Isn't it interesting how God keeps using Linda’s friendship to reward my courage as I trust Him? It’s a blessed pattern in our friendship.

YOU Are Dear to My Heart, Too

Has anyone else ever told you you’re a reward from God? Or an answer to prayer? Whether you know it or not, God is using you in my life, too.

Okay, probably no one says so because who thinks this way? But for the record YOU are a reward and an answer to prayer in my life. I thank God for YOU every day.

Next Stop Book Tour!

We will be going on our first Book Tour soon! Please pray.

  • That God will give us the "divine appointments" He chooses
  • That we will be a blessing
  • That our books will get into the hands of those who will benefit the most
  • That new friendships will be formed for eternity

Our plan is to drive to Lubbock, then Dalhart. Then, we'll turn north and head through Colorado, with stops in Pueblo, Colorado Springs, and Vail. Fun! Please stop by to see me while we're in YOUR neighborhood! (Our schedule.)

If you have any places you'd like for me to stop, just let us know. Your book club, church, Sunday school, or your favorite book store? I'm all in!

Finally, thank you for being my friend. I am grateful for YOU!

Cathy Krafve with Both Books (so far!)



We LOVE to hear from YOU!

When has the toxic nature of self-segregations affected you? Which fears keep you from stepping over man-made barriers? How are you going to honor God with freedom this week?

May we pray together?

Dear good Father, Thank you for my bold and beautiful friend Linda. And so many others who refuse to stop talking--gently and with authenticity--about race challenges in this free country. Thank you for her courage to ask hard questions. We really want to end self-segregation, Lord. Help us trust You with the good attitudes and good friendships You want to give us. Give us confidence in the good perspectives we can share with others. Teach us to recognize the hurt behind the anger. When folks are misguided, help us offer humble friendship and healing. Teach us to listen to You and to the hearts around us. Help us know when to speak up and what in the world to say. Give us the conversations we need. Teach us to pray. We love You. Bless us now because that’s Your heart’s desire. In His mighty name we pray. Amen.

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Inspiring Through Music: Winning the Heart of Your Child

Miles holds the microphone and enjoys interacting with congregations as he sings.Miles Pike in concert, sharing and inspiring through music.

A strong man. A devoted wife. Together, they are inspiring through music. Plus, winning the heart of their first-born, a responsive three-year old named Lilly. With Dad’s Day, I wanted to pass on some special ways parents can give their children the blessing of a big, beautiful faith.

From the moment I first heard Miles Pike on stage three years ago and met his amazing wife backstage, I was impressed with them. With twins on the way that day, Martha wrangled a tired toddler on her hip as we talked. I always have a heart for strong women, especially given what women often do behind the scenes. My first impression of their little daughter, Lily, was how adorable she is. And strong, too, like her parents.

Inspiring Through Music

These two parents travel the world together inspiring through music. Plus, together they coach their kids in specific ways designed to grow big, beautiful faiths in each child. What are their secrets for winning the heart of a child? How do they inspire their own children through music?

Naturally, I couldn’t wait to get Miles on Fireside Talk Radio so you, too, could hear his deep thoughts how a love of music can serve your kiddos. You’re gonna love the stories this tender-hearted daddy tells about winning the heart of their three-year-old first, with the twins close behind.

Clearly, I’m musically-challenged, but Miles didn’t disappoint. He jumped right with a topic a word nerd like me finds irresistible: breaking down big, churchy words.

In addition to inspiring kids through music, Miles also shares ways churches can remove anemia from their congregations. Plus, more  personal stories. Besides, two East Texans talking twang is just naturally pretty funny, so definitely tune in. Or find the Full ARTICLE HERE.
Know you are loved by Jesus! ❤️ I am grateful for YOU!!
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How a Life Mission Unites: Finding Harmony in Marriage

Miles and his beautiful family smile in the sunshine.

I always say I judge men by how they talk about their wives. I’m only kinda kidding. Really, it’s my way of encouraging husbands to think through what their words say about their hearts. I like what well-known Christian musician, Miles Pike says about his beloved wife, Martha. Clearly, their life mission unites them in a beautiful way.

In fact, their love story makes me want to be a better collaborator with my own hubby. Certainly, we all want harmony in our marriage even if we can’t sing. 

If a life mission unites a couple, how exactly does that look? Miles and his family have given over 16,000 concerts in 43 states and toured Europe. That could be a lot of stress on family. I couldn’t wait to hear what he would say about how a life mission unites them.

In this episode, Miles shares more personal stories about music and bedtime with their own kids. Please don’t miss out on what this daddy tenderly shares for inspiring faith in children’s hearts through music. Find this episode and more at Fireside Talk Radio.

Back Stage, Connected, Blessed

Martha was pregnant with twins when we met. Three kids in 18 months. Yep, I was impressed by her as we talked behind the scenes at his concert. 

She placed her hand on her belly and smiled gently in the quiet as he wrapped up the concert out front. A talented musician in her own right, she sings and plays with her husband often. 

Back stage, she tenderly opened up about their life together and asked me about my life. I could read the fatigue on her as she paused momentarily to connect with me. Soon the next wave of family life would bring two new little ones into their world. 

Six Generations of Country Living

I met Miles and Martha right after I began Fireside Talk Radio. I knew instantly I wanted to talk to him about life mission and unity in marriage. What a treat to bring him to you via our interview! Or find the FULL ARTICLE. 

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Book Writing: People Who Can Help You With Your Dream

Fireside Talk Radio's Cathy Krafve with her two booksMy acknowledgments went on for too many pages, but, who cares?

One dear new friend (whom I met because I wrote down our family stories) wants to write her father’s stories from WWII. You know, before the stories die with our generation.

Family Stories

Maybe your family has stories of heroic Americans that need to be recorded so future generations remember how we became the freest nation on earth in the history of mankind. Perhaps your book is your tribute to those who came before us. So future generations know of sacrifice.

Fortunately, we’re not alone. My author friends all believe in helping one another. We freely pass along anything we learn. Book writing may not be as hard or scary as you think.

Personally, I LOVE what James Michener had to say about book writing:

“I’m not a very good writer, but I’m an excellent rewriter.” ~James A. Michener

If books and book writing are for YOU, don’t miss this list of wonderful people who can help make your book writing dream come true. Follow this link to the names of people who helped me int he publishing industry. Including our friends here at Toginet and my wonderful producer, Roy Bryan! I know they will help you, too, if they can! ❤️

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Healthy Marriage: Ready or Knot to Grow Strong Marriages

Kedersha Family for Healthy Marriages on
Imagine my delight when I opened Scott Kedersha’s book and found hilarious chapter titles like, Do I Have to Visit Your Parents? Yep, our conversation was pretty fast and sometimes funny. 
With Memorial Day, as we take a close look at role models and healthy marriage, we know some families are remembering loved ones who made the ultimate sacrifice for the rest of us.
Please know we are grateful and we haven’t forgotten you or your family. 

Shown left: Scott and their boys let Kristen relax once in awhile.



So are you ready or knot for a healthy marriage?

For instance, here’s one question we really all oughta ask. How to keep from making the mistakes we’ve watched other people make? Heck, maybe even our own parents!

TV Role Models

“Part of the challenge is we have no good models of what it looks like to have a good marriage,” says Scott, sympathizing. “So, we look to the things that are right in front of us. It’s going to be television. We’re gonna learn how to do marriage from the Batchelor, from social media. We’re watching Harry and Megan.” Oh, dear, he’s got a point! 

In this episode, I ask Scott about how to deal with hard hearts and bad attitudes. He shared more ideas about how spouses can encourage each other. We also talk about reversing church decline. Find this and many more podcasts on Fireside Talk Radio.

Community for Healthy Marriages

Fortunately, Scott experienced a different option for growing a healthy marriage. (Find Scott’s story.)

“This is where the church has such an amazing, unique opportunity to give a real honest picture of marriage,” Scott explains. “Not a fake one. Not a self-protecting, I’m going to put a good face on the outside, but be miserable on the inside.”

Instead, Scott believes authentic, normal couples pulling together in community can make all the difference for growing strong marriages. In fact, church can offer people the community we crave, according to Scott.

“God designed his Church to be a place where we could find hope, where we find healing, where we could be strengthened,” he begins. “So the Church really needs to step up in this area. And not point people away from the church but draw people in to help us grow healthy marriages.”

Follow the link to read more about Scott's Five Nonnegotiables of Communication and Conflict Resolution.

And know how gratefully I appreciate yu taking the time to check in today!! ❤️

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