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There is more to a relationship than being Face to Face.
You Need to be Healthy... mind, soul, heart and body.

The goal of the Healthy Relationship Talk Radio Show with host Daaiyah Cixx, is to raise awareness through self knowledge, acceptance and identity. This show is dedicated to focusing on your relationship with love, health, beauty, personal growth, integrity, and empowerment. "I want to help each person become more aware of themselves and to be a better person, friend, and partner."

Daaiyah has learned healthy relationship techniques that help single men, single women, couples and parents. Using her system called "Face to Face" a concept used with facial feature reading and the "Cixx Keys," an emotional and physical attraction concept, she is able to see a person's strength in a relationship, understand why certain difficulties exist and create a solution to overcome most barriers. She is your complete guide and one of the foremost authorities in healthy relationships. Through her education and experience, Daaiyah can pin-point ones characteristic through facial features, even through pictures.

As a Relationship Specialist, Radio Host, Speaker, Actress and Philanthropist, Daaiyah is also founder of Miss Indigenous International Pageant, the only pageant glorifying women with natural hair and natural beauty, globally. Her goal is to help satisfy the hunger for equality to see beauty in all cultures and to remind humanity that beauty comes in all shades with different hair textures and types. She is proud to serve you. To get more information about Daaiyah click HERE.

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