A Year of New Beginnings!

As we ring in the New Year I can't help but to share with you that on January 1st of each year, a new chapter in your life begins! Each New Year sheds a bright new light on all aspects of our lives. It feels as fresh as the new fallen snow to start out anew.This is the perfect time to sit down with pen in hand (not the computer) and physically write down your goals for the coming year. When you use your energy to physically write your aspirations on paper it gives those aspirations and ideas power. Your hopes and dreams hold energy. This is the key that is necessary to bring them into fruition.What is it that you would like to accomplish in the year to come? What would bring you the most joy if you accomplished it? Don't be too safe with your list, in other words be real. We all have the ability to achieve everything we desire. All ideas take hard work and positive attitude from within yourself to become reality.The goal is for us to be happy, joyful, and fulfilled. Go ahead, take that leap of faith, and ask for the new house, the new car if you need one and the perfect mate if that's what you desire. If things in your life are not as you want them to be, only you have the power to change them.The Universe is your canvas: create the picture that you want for yourself. However you paint your life is how it will be. Paint it, and watch it materialize. Imagine that you are in a play and you are the director. You have the power to write your own script, the scene and the dialogue, to what you want your life to be. Many people have asked me if it's all right to make a request for someone else's benefit. (I look at it as a prayer) Of course it is, but if it's not for their highest good, it won't happen. The Lord always knows what's best for us, even when we do not. There may be a lesson to be learned and you don't realize it. We are on this planet to learn lessons to elevate our souls and to raise our vibration. My wish for you this New Year that you will make all of your dreams into a reality!Happy New Year!

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About Nancy

 I am blessed to do the work that I love, as an Intutive Life Coach, and as an Author and as a motivational speaker. My spiriutal work has enabled me to help many people to live the life they desire!  This work has brought me great joy and inspired me to do even  more! 

My faith in the Lord is what motivates me to be a messenger to others. I have learned many things in this lifetime and would like to share my knoweldge with you. If I would have held the wisdom that I will tell you about on my Radio Show in my early days, I would have been more fullfiled and happier with who I am. Maybe I would have made differecnt choices in life. I believe we are all here to learn lessons and grow into our best selves! If I can share my wisdom with you maybe you will get on that High Road to where you want to be a little bit quicker and much smoother!

My Credentials 

  • Sales Coordinator for General Motors Corporation
  • Sales Manager for muliple Specialty Leather and Fur Stores 
  • Owner and Qualifying Broker of The Harville Estates Real Estate & Development LLC
  • Owner of Energy Girl Publishing LLC. 
  • Author of,  Wake Up! The Universe Is Speaking to You
  • Author of Feartured Monthly Articles In Eden Magazine
  • Motivational/Inspirational Speaker world wide
  • Intutive Personal Coach
  • Intutive Reader
  • God's Messenger

Thoughout the years my free time has been occupied by my true passion, my spiritual work. My formal training came through invaluable religous and spiriutal teachers, in New Mexico, Michigan and California.

Througout the years I have enhanced my own my intuitve abiblites through mediation and prayer, thus obtaining many invaluable tools for life. My schooling encompasses hands on energy healing with an Aztec healer from Mexico as well as energy healing. My gifts include intutive card readings useing the oracle and Angel cards for guidance.

I am happily married to the love of my life. We are blessed with two wonderful daughters and three fabulous grand children who keep us both young.