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STOP REACTING AND START LEADING! Dave Anderson says... "Get out of the weeds at work and focus on the bigger things a leader needs to focus on."  How you ask? IMPACT Talk Radio is your answer. Entrepreneurs, Small business owners, Middle Managers, and Frontline Leaders if you want quit just managing and start leading, listen to IMPACT Talk Radio today for no fluff, straight talking solutions designed for high IMPACT leaders who want to lead high IMPACT Teams.

Leaders, it is time to destroy bad attitudes, politics and distrust on our teams! IMPACT Talk Radio is for leaders who want REAL solutions that they can implement in the midst of the whirlwind of the urgent. In each IMPACT Talk Radio show, you will hear a dose of reality, a dose advice, a dose of IMPACT solutions and a dose of hope.

IMPACT Talk Radio host Dave Anderson will be speaking with leadership gurus who have answers that go beyond just theory and get to the heart of leading. Dave is a West Point graduate, a decorated combat veteran, and a veteran of 20 years of leading in the corporate sales world where he won his company's highest sales leadership award 4 times in an 8 year period.

Dave now owns Anderson Leadership Solutions. H
e speaks, consults, and trains leaders from the front lines to the C-suite in leadership. He is passionate about the role of character in leadership and writes bi-weekly blogs at (

Dave also provides leadership resources at ( The Overwhelmed Managers Guide site is meant to provide even the busiest leader with materials and solutions that will help the leader STOP REACTING AND START LEADING!

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4-1-2015 My Leadership - Their Lives

75% of a person's waking hours are spent on work - Getting to and from work. Thinking about work. Actually working in their job.I heard this...

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3-18-2015 Values-Knowing What You Stand For

Why doesn't my team act like a team? Why am I always dealing with politics, bad attitudes, and distrust among team members? Why haven't we come close...

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2-18-15 Vision: Am I Enjoying the Ride?

There are times when I love to drive. Long drives on open roads are some of my favorites. I like to have my music turned up and my seat pushed back....

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1-28-15 Culture Is The Leader's Job

Politics. Gossip. Back stabbing. Whining. Distrust. Selfishness. Bad Attitudes. Work environments characterized by one or more of these traits...

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