Show Info August 11 ~ Madeline Jhawar of

We had a great show ....I talked about my driving experience in London

and my new found love for designer Clive Christian. 


Then it was all things Italian with Madeline Jhawar.


Madeline own the travel planning company

She can organize a trip for the first time italian travel to the italophile

who has been more times than they can count! Here are some of the

 italian festivals that we talked about on the show.


Venice Carnival

Acireale Carnival


Siena Palio


Asciano Palio (donkey palio) I was able to find a link that tell the date and where it is held!


Here is a list of all the palios in Italy!


the Verona opera


The Rome - Venice Orient express ...we never got a chance to talk about this but Madeline will be coming on again in a few weeks and we will talk to her about it!


Madeline will be joining us again in the next few weeks and we will talk

a little more about different events and destinations where you may not

see the typical tourist visit, but gives you a true authentic Italian

 experience. Arriverderchi!





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