Tonights Show Aug 17, 2011 Julie Knapp Steelman-Sales Guru & Author

Our guest tonight is the amazing Julie Steelman author of "The Effortless

Yes: Get the Sales You Want and Make All You'll Ever Need".


Getting to the Effortless Yes

A new book presents strategies, secrets, and tips that make selling both enjoyable and profitable.


Many entrepreneurs, women in particular, are allergic to selling. They think of it as insincere, undignified, or scary. Other entrepreneurs take the wrong approach to selling—they pester, try to charm, or don’t listen to their customers. The problem is, businesses depend on making sales—and making them consistently.


Now imagine a new way to sell that's pleasurable and easy because it gives you an opportunity to help or serve your customer. What if the act of selling were heartfelt and natural, and it became easy to win customers over with your enthusiasm and passion?


That’s the idea behind a new book by internationally known selling guru Julie Steelman, called The Effortless Yes: Get the Sales You Want and Make All You’ll Ever Need (Franklin-Green Publishing, 2011). Steelman has distilled three decades of successful selling secrets into a seven-step approach that helps sales-averse entrepreneurs strike a balance between making money and helping customers satisfy their needs and wants.


This invaluable workbook features dozens of tips, exercises, templates, and tools designed to help you:


      Overcome your aversion to selling—and cultivate courage and confidence.


     Find your selling sweet spot—the thing that makes you unique, valuable, and sought-after


      Craft an irresistible pitch—and learn the key to compelling conversational techniques.


     Use social media tools effectively—and discover how to influence new customers while engaging old ones


     Reach out to potential buyers in a fresh way—and nix the dreaded cold call forever.


      Discover your signature selling archetype—and “try it on” until it fits you like a glove.


     Perfect your natural “ask”—and learn to anticipate and overcome each and every customer objection.


If you've hated selling in the past, prepare to be pleasantly surprised. Using Steelman's approach, selling becomes an act of giving--which makes it fun, natural, and normal, and neutralizes any associated fear or distastefulness that have kept you from reaching new heights of success.


About the Author


Julie Steelman is an internationally esteemed sales trainer and motivator, and the author of The Effortless Yes: Get the Sales You Want and Make All You’ll Ever Need (Franklin Green Publishing, 2011). 


Steelman generated more than $100 million in sales during her 30-year selling career, working with industry behemoths such as Apple, Microsoft, Toyota, CBS, Sony Studios, and Universal Pictures.


Recognizing that the selling relationship starts with understanding a buyer’s pain points, Steelman earned a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.


After retiring from sales and now living debt-free in her personal paradise of Hawaii, she became the go-to guru for entrepreneurial business owners who want to master the art of heart-centered selling, kick-start new profit growth, and become affluent. Known as The Entrepreneur’s Selling Mentor, Steelman developed the easy-to-master Effortless YES! Selling System™, which helps business owners overcome their aversion to selling in an honest, transformational, and interactive style. Her ability to see the possibility for life-long prosperity in her client’s businesses has made her a highly sought after expert in her field.



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