Sept. 28th Show Info - We have Steve Roddy of will talk about all things glam and glitz in the world of pageants!


Tonight it's all about the glitz and glam of the Pageant world. My guest is Steve Roddy

founder of and we will be talking about all things pageants and

about the controversy surrounding TLC's Toddlers & Tiara show are the child glitz pageants

to much to soon for these kids?!

Former model and television host, Steven Roddy, at the age of 23 was the youngest owner

of a professional football team. Following the football team Roddy, formed an Internet

Marketing and Website Design firm called,The Marketing Model. Steven has consulted for

Desert Wind Films, Sherwin Williams, 2 New York Times best selling authors, Success

Magazine, and various other clients from Canada to Hawaii.
In conjunction with The

Marketing Model, Roddy created The Pageant The Pageant serves as an online pageant coach that instructs more than 80,000 girls

monthly how to successfully compete in pageantry. 


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