Tonight's La Bella Vita Show 3-28-12 Pyschic Silvia Rossi will be taking your questions!

On tonights La Bella Vita Show - We have psychic-Medium and former Radio show Host of Make Contact with Silvia Rossi, Silvia Rossi, has been sharing her gift professionally for the last 17 years. During those years, she has taught others how to understand their connection to the spirit world. She appeared on the Sally Jessy Rafael Show and been a guest and co- host on the radio show Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinski. She has worked with the police, helping them solve cold cases and murder cases. Silvia had the difficult task and honor of working with families and support groups of the victims of September 11th. Ms Rossi met John Edward at a workshop he conducted in 2003. He was thoroughly impressed with her after she relayed a message from the spirit world to an audience member at his event. Throughout her life Silvia experienced communications from the spirit side. In her childhood and through her teens she had numerous encounters with apparitions of the deceased. These profound experiences made Silvia acutely aware that this life was only one phase in the eternal journey of the soul. Ms. Rossi has made it her mission to help individuals and families understand their eternal connection to loved ones that have passed on; bringing relief and comfort to the countless who have been touched by her gift. She has had the privilege of working with many psychologists in the tri-state area who continue to refer their patients to her when conventional methods have failed. She conducts her practice out of offices in New York City and New Jersey. Currently, Silvia lives with her family in New Jersey and enjoys lecturing, teaching, and when not working you may find her performing at local venues singing and playing her guitar.

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