La Bella Vita Show -June 5, 2013 Latest Trends from Premiere Hair Show - Orlando
On the next La Bella Vita Show -Dawn Catherine,
Shares the latest trends from:
Premiere Hair & Day Spa Show in Orlando, Florida.
Her weekend started at the VIP Day Spa Business Forum
with Lydia Serafati, founder of Repechage, Terry Lester of
Universal Companies and Jen Blackmon of Ritz-Carlton.
Who all spoke about the latest trends in the Spa Industry and some great new services being offered.
Then it was off to watch a qualifying round for the show "Battle of the Strands" with Kim Vo.

Her pick for "Best of Show" - it is absolutely revolutionary if you
curl your hair!
 She also spent some time talking with beauty industry icons, Martin
Parsons, Beth Minardi (Minardi Luxury Color), Michael O'Rourke (RockYour Hair),
Nick Arrojo (Arrojo) and Martino Cartier (Keratin Complex).
Wednesday  at 8 pm eastern.


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