On Remote with Susan Thomas Small Presses, Interactive Mystery Games, Copyright, and more

Quick Note: This episode was recorded at a live remote. You'll be able to fully listen, no problem there. Just be aware that there are background noises due to the live locale. Now for the topics today that you'll love!

Lit Up! with Angela Breidenbach is on remote, invited by the Missoula Fresh Market, we visit with publisher and author, Susan Thomas, founder of The Dramatic Pen, and prolific author of interactive mystery games and biblical fiction. 

-Great ideas for intergenerational parties, fundraiser events, theme parties using interactive mystery games like Who Invited the Stiff to Dinner (1920's flapper theme), Murder at the Surly Gates (think a live "Game of Clue" full of hilarity).

-Susan Thomas writes under the pen name S.E. Thomas. She writes interactive mystery games, biblical fiction, and more.

Additional Books Mentioned: 

Let Them Eat Cake

Habukuk series

- Susan shares how she created a small press and acts as the acquiring editor: editor@thedramaticpen.com

- Copyright questions? Listen for some awesome tips. Go to copyright.gov to register your copyright.

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