Hybrid Authors, Audiobooks, & Agencies Supporting Indie Authors

Lit Up! with Angela Breidenbach lights up your creative world with interviews today featuring Virginia Smith (Ginny) and Sherry Kyle.
Both of these authors are traditionally and self-published (indie). Ginny has authored over 30 fiction books and her latest is the Amish Widower from Harvest House.
Sherry Kyle's latest work is Road to Harmony and will soon be out in audio book format. 

A few questions in this episode:

Is it a conflict of interest for an agent to assist clients in self-publishing? If not, how does it work?

What's a hybrid author? What audiobook genres are selling well right now? 

Books mentioned on the show:

Amish Widower by Virginia Smith (Find out more about Ginny at VirginiaSmith.org)

Tales from Goose Creek Bed and Breakfast by Virginia Smith

Road to Harmony by Sherry Kyle (Find more about Sherry Kyle at: SherryKyle.com)

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