Wholistic Creativity

Today on Lit Up! with Angela Breidenbach, we explore how the behavior of people and animals  as well as our curiousity of the scenery around us adds depth to our world and story telling. Guest Kathleen Freeman, who writes for Clubhouse, Focus on the Family, and at her site Finding Hope In Hard Times, helps us delve into wholistic creativity.

In this episode, Kathleen tells the story of watching a farm goose try to fit in with Canadian geese and what happens when one Canadian goose gets an injured wing. She can't fly away for the winter. Here's a picture of how the two geese built a family together... Look closely, you'll see mixed breeds of Canadian geese with orange legs and new colorations in this geese flock.

A farm goose and a Canadian goose build a family...

Kathleen's character, Maddie Science, has become a beloved and long-running feature series in the Clubhouse Magazine. She helps young children explore their world through science and the creativity of infusing human traits and dialogue into the inanimate and biological world around us.

She has several books including Cephalopod Cupid, Hobo and the Swan, and the Littlest Highwayman.

Cephalopod Cupid

To read some of Kathleen's stories about Maddie Science, check out the overall Clubhouse website and sign up for a subscription:



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