Lit Up guest Darlene Franklin Writing When You've Lost Everything

When you think it's all over, it's not!

Darlene Franklin and Maria, her care aidLit Up host, Angela Breidenbach, welcomes Darlene Franklin, author of over 50 books, who lost everything all at once and started over. (Darlene took this selfie with her care aid, Maria, for us during the interview.)

She just celebrated the publication of her 50th unique title, Mermaid Song, and continues to have a fulfilling and lucrative writing career despite living in a nursing home. Listen to her story as she shares how she thought she'd lost her health, her independence, and her career—and then her opportunities opened up wider than they had before! Darlene's column, The View Through My Door, is syndicated monthly in five different magazines and newsletters for readers and senior citizens. You'll be inspired by Darlene's continued career success regardless of her circumstances.

Don't miss the stories we chat about:

Developing a writer's nose for story ideas...that spawned books like these... Click on the covers to get your copy.

A John Denver tribute on the 20th anniversary of losing the great musician, and Darlene's new book, Take Me Home.

Brides Rogue

And our latest joint collection, Captive Brides, with Darlene's story His Golden Treasure and Angela's story His Indentured Bride.

If you like Captive Brides, Darlene and Angela were both also in the Blue Ribbon Brides Collection.

Mermaid Song by Darlene Franklin, historical romance.

 Available in paperback or Kindle.

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