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Lit Up host, Angela Breidenbach, visits with Linda F. Radke, founder of about Story Monsters, tips to building a successful career in children's literature, how to find an expert with experience to help you, volunteerism to gain resume experience, contests for credibility, getting your books into and booking events in schools, and helping children become both literate and experience writing for Story Monsters Ink, a magazine. Awesome tips on marketing, indie publishing, and building a career in the publishing industry.

Executive editor for submissions and guidelines for both adults writing for children and for child reporters, as mentioned in this episode,

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About Lit Up guest, Linda F. Radke:
Linda F. Radke is the president of Story Monsters LLC and publisher of Story Monsters Ink® magazine. For more than 30 years, she has been ahead of the game in producing and marketing award-winning books for all ages. Clients and the media describe Radke as an industry leader in creativity, innovation, and customer service. She has received numerous publishing, public relations, and marketing awards, including being named "Book Marketer of the Year" by Book Publicists of Southern California. Tireless in her efforts of helping authors make their dreams a reality, Radke's motto is, "You can't compromise on quality. Do it right or don't do it all!"

Radke's foray into publishing began with a desire to print a how-to book to complement the household employment agency she owned. For Radke, teased on more than one occasion about having "printer's ink in her veins," the experience of publishing the book was exhilarating, which prompted her to change careers without looking back. In 1985, Radke launched Five Star Publications, Inc. She went on to add marketing and publicity services, networking opportunities, and special event coordination with the goal to help deserving authors achieve visibility.

A former special education teacher for grades K-12, Radke is dedicated to helping kids develop a love for reading and writing. To that end, she created the Story Monsters Approved! designation program which tells parents, teachers, and librarians they are giving children the very best. In 2014, Radke published her very first magazine, Story Monsters Ink, which has been named among the "great magazines for kids and teens" by School Library Journal. Since that time, Kids Can Publish has been merged with Story Monsters Ink. On the heels of the success of the Story Monster brand, in 2016, Radke founded Story Monsters LLC to bring all of her services together under one umbrella. Today, Radke continues to target and brand the services Story Monsters LLC offers to authors, children, parents, teachers, and librarians with programs such as the Dragonfly Book Award Contests, School Express Press,, and

Radke is also a member of the Children's Book Council, National Federation of Press Women, and Independent Book Publishing Association. Based in Chandler, Arizona, Linda F. Radke is passionate about her work and is invested in serving her community. Radke's personal hobbies include camping, photography, and enjoying time with her family and their German Shepard, Riley.

About Lit Up host, Angela Breidenbach: About Lit Up host and author, Angela Breidenbach: Angela Breidenbach writes romance through the ages, teaches the business of writing, hosts the radio show Lit Up, and is in process of getting her genealogical studies degree. She's the president of the Christian Authors Network. Angela lives in Missoula, MT with her hubby and Muse, a trained fe-lion, who can shake hands, lay down and roll over, and jump through a hoop. Surprisingly, Angela can also.

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