Street to Military to Hollywood - 04Aug2015


Everyone has a story to tell, and Jeff Powell's is one with many intriguing twists, all illustrating a strong will and belief in hard work, integrity, and in helping others.  Jeff will share the story of a difficult childhood, including the pivotal event that changed the direction of his life and the redemption brought nine years later.

Jeff Powell (USN, ret) is an author, serial entrepreneur, originally bootstrapped gentleman with a heart to help and grow with his fellow veterans.  He also knows that he might have led an entirely different life without the military.  

He gives back through his many veteran projects including Books4Veterans, Running4Veterans, and more.  He also thrives from writing, including working with Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul series), and will share honors in Hollywood later this year for Soul of Success.  Listen for a tale of tragedy and forgiveness and a spirit to prevail!

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