Women Vets & Support thru Respect, 2nd half 04Aug2015 Show

As a retired Colonel in the Army, Lawinda Holliman is helping her fellow women veterans with her unusual skills as a Certified International Etiquette and Protocol Specialist.  She firmly believes that communication and connection with others is foremost and helping women veterans is natural - she's been there too, and she knows the challenges of "fitting in" when searching for new employment, or separating from the military.

Meeting people "where they are", acknowledging the hurdles and their skills and gifts, Lawanda helps all her clients (corporate, international, and veterans) to understand the culture, language, and behaviors that may be alien to them upon leaving service.  With skillful and respectful understanding of the corporate world today, Lawanda is guiding women veterans to put forth their best selves through knowledge and practice.  

Most of all, she acknowledges that nearly everyone can benefit from studying and understanding other cultures and regions of the world, and that much is gained through that old-fashioned word:  civility.  Listen for a fascinating view you may not have considered!   EverythingEtiquetteAndYou.com 

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