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Welcome to Mil Resource Radio, directly sharing services by key military and veteran support organizations, fulfilling needs, 24/7.

Welcome to Mil Resource Radio where we highlight military and veteran support organizations.  Hear directly from organization leaders, and those who benefit from their services.  Thousands of organizations exist, but it you don’t know about them, how do you seek their help? 

Discovery, access, and knowledge about vital military and veteran organizations sharing their mission and accomplishments with you!

Listen directly (24/7 on any device, on the go) to those offering unique, beneficial programs. Discover answers before you call or contact, and hear their guiding principles and passion. Outreach is a two-way street, and these organizations care enough to reach out to YOU.

Learn what 3,000,000 monthly military and veteran family listeners know! Join Les Davis and Linda Kreter as they host organizations large and small, dedicated to giving perspective and crucial information you need — when you need it.

Mil Resource Radio, 24/7 Outreach for Military Family Support!

Hosts:  Les Davis & Linda Kreter

              Our hosts highlight your organization’s value:


Les Davis is U.S. Army (ret) and a Gulf War Veteran.  He has built mil/vet recruitment strategies for AMVETS and Fortune 100 companies, helping other vets post-service personally and professionally.  His advocacy specialties are transition, PTS, employment, education, and leadership change and growth.


Linda Kreter is host of Military Network Radio and founder of, assisting thousands of injured and wounded veteran families in recovery and positive quality of life through education and empowerment.  Her expertise is outreach via high-value podcasts and videos, advocating and inspiring a strong network of families, partners, and knowledgeable communities.