Motherhood Talk Radio welcomes Susan Haid, Creator of the Peace out Project

Susan A. Haid, BSN, RN, MA is an internationally recognized author and teacher of empowerment materials for adults and children.  She writes core, cutting-edge books, DVD's and educational programs that facilitate the emergence of one's full potential.  She places a special focus on empowering children, understanding that now is the time to bring forth fresh, new teachings to the world of children.  However, because there is a definitive, strongly infuential connection between adult and child, her materials are deeply empowering for adults and caregivers as well. She promotes the use of innate creative abilites as a path to one's highest potential, allowing one's natural visionary and imaginative attributes to unfold.

Her book & DVD series Lily's Truth is beautifully illustrated by reknowed artist Craig L. Davis.  This special series is currently offered in a school-based setting via a colorful and lively theater format where kids can imagine, play and express themselves while learning core empowerment concepts to last a lifetime.  She has also recently introduced the Peace Out Project, an exciting, dynamic and engaging creativity-based peace promotion, bully prevention program.
Her various other works include Bloom, Smokin' Hot Mama and The Gift.

Her newest initiative THE PEACE OUT PROJECT: A hip, interactive, kid-friendly program that builds peaceful relationships through awareness, balance and creative expression.   The PEACE OUT PROJECT is designed not only to inspire but to create the platform for conflict resolution and positive change for kids, paretns, caregivers, teachers, schools, communities and beyond.

"I make learning as close to imaginative play as possible, and I aspire to tap into the creative genius and exceptional nature of every child!   You can be anyone you choose.  Do you dare?  Throw convention to the wind, don something magical and step in to a stunning reality of our own making.  Here, we create a magnificent moment in time together!  You will be forever inspired."  ~ Susan A. Haid

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