Motherhood Talk Radio Presents Nicole Schwartz, Co-Parenting Mom - May 25

Nicole Schwartz lives in Acton, CA with her husband Jon of 9+ years and their 2 children.  Jagger is 7 and Josie is 2.  Graduating from Simi Valley High and then attending Moorpark City College, Nicole completed her AA degree in business.

When she and Jon decided to start a family their number 1 priority was for one of them to be home with the children at all times.  Jon works at night and Nicole works for a family business selling “Employee Benefits”, medical, dental, life insurance to employers. 

Nicole was able to bring both kids to work with her a day or two during the week until they reached about 2 years old.  Now she works from home one day a week.  Their parenting philosophy is based on children needing stability at home.  They admit "co-parenting" requires a lot of patience (and sometimes a bit of wine) but so worth it all.

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