Gail Carruthers blends spirituality and business for unlimited success on Motherhood Talk Radio with Sandra Beck

Gail Carruthers

Gail Carruthers

Gail Carruthers talks about the blending of spiritual and business practices for unlimited success. Listen now:

Gail is a Certified Angel Communication Practitioner and is a Doreen Virtue-certified Angel Card Reader as well a level two Reiki practioner. She is a certified professional Mediator and Conflict Resolution specialist. By following the guidance of her heart and her angels Gail additionally created a children’s shoe company, called Kazowe Shoes Inc. which is a message driven company to inspire children to love their footprints they leave in the world, and to celebrate the individuals who raise, teach, mentor, and motivate today’s children to become tomorrow’s leaders. She is an adoptive mother of 3 children born in china who considers her children to be her greatest teachers.

Gail wanted to take her message further and wider though so she developed Spiritual Girlfriend an online radio show to help the spiritually hungry connect with their own divine wisdom, worthiness, courage and joy. Many women are hungry for change and substance in their lives, but the familiarity of routine, engrained behaviours and the normalacy of living unconscious all make the leap seem huge. The answer though is simpler then you think.

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