Finding Your Uniqueness & the Courage to Live It

Finding Your Uniqueness & the Courage to Live It

So often I hear from clients … “if I knew what my uniqueness was, I would be happy to live it … but I don’t!” Well, I have to be lovingly blunt here and say, yes, everyone knows his or her uniqueness, but they have pushed it aside or under for so long that they have come to believe that it no longer exists. Or, they have been put down or made to feel less than they are for such a long time, that to even think about their uniqueness is virtually impossible! It is so sad to see someone who just cannot even contemplate the idea that may have something very special to offer this world … yes, self esteem and self worth seem to be taking quite a beating in our society today!
On this week's Nature Spirits Speak I hope that you begin to see that you can find that unique YOU, and find the courage to live the real YOU! Believe me, the benefits are truly amazing and well worth the effort!

Listen in to discover the 5 simple steps that will have you stepping into your uniqueness and flying through life in the most magical ways! Yes, today could be the beginning of a brand new magnificent you ... are you ready for the ride of YOUR life?

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Geraldine Teggelove Msc.D. is an ordained Minister in the World-Wide International Metaphysical Ministry. She is a respected intuitive, spiritual life coach, and healer.
Geraldine is also the author of the International best selling book ‘Beyond Broke – recover & flourish from financial meltdown’, and her latest book is titled ‘Today’s Note to Self – the secrets to living an extraordinary life’. Geraldine is also the author of the unique and highly successful Australian Feather Magic Oracle cards, Wild and Free Horse Affirmation cards and Paws to Reflect Dog Guidance cards.
As a singer/songwriter, Geraldine has released three albums of inspirational Celtic music. Each of her songs bring emotional healing to body, mind and spirit,  and teaches the lessons needed  in order for us to grow into the best we can be.
As a Keynote Speaker, Geraldine shares the wisdom of her journey from riches to rags and back to riches. Her style is entertaining, humorous and inspiring, and her words relay a message of hope.



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