Featured Guest: Gail Minogue on Poweredup Talk Radio with Sandra Beck and Linda Franklin June 11, 2013 3pm PST on Toginet.com

With over 25 years studying Sacred Geometry and ancient sciences combined with her unique background in the financial areas (Gail has been a licensed Commodities Broker since 1987), Gail is no stranger to managing the ups and downs of life and its ever-changing cycles.

During this time and with the help of enlightened teachers, she learned the Universal Laws dealing with Order.  In addition to working with an individual during her numerology readings, Gail also provides numerology information in her numerology courses, lectures and media events.

Gail believes you were born with a specific name and a specific birth date. Within these two and your numerology chart, you will discover and analyze your life path, your karmic connections, your best time to act and much more.

Through her numerology interpretation Gail can find numerology master numbers, numerology number meanings, relationship numerology, numerology birth characteristics and your numerology personal year.

Of high importance to individuals is the personal relationship with a significant other. Gail is able to look at both charts and, through numerology matchings, is able to assist the individual by letting them become aware of the other person’s true qualities. It could almost be called “numerology love” because the numerology reading and the numerology calculations can tell the true story of the relationship. It is very powerful.

You can learn more about Gail at www.gailminogue.com

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