Featured Guest: Sandi McKenna of Midlife Road Trip on Poweredup Talk Radio with Sandra Beck and Linda Franklin October 14, 2013 3pm PST on Toginet.com

The Midlife Road Trip is an unscripted, organic, reality-based food, travel and adventure series focusing on the experiences of polar opposite travel experts Rick Griffin & Sandi McKenna. Rick is a southerner with a thirst for adventure while Sandi is a northerner who leans towards leisure.  They provide two totally different perspectives on what to see, do and eat in each particular destination along their journey.

Whether it’s meeting amazing people, visiting interesting places, tasting incredible food or crossing items off their bucket lists, Rick and Sandi share their expertise on travel & food and their passion for the fun side of life as they intend to check it all out …before they check out! 

Their inspiration for making the most of every moment is what makes the Midlife Road Trip the perfect Therapy for a MidLife Crisis.

PoweredUp Talk Radio stars Sandra Beck of Motherhood Incorporated and Linda Franklin of The Real Cougar Woman. The show airs live Tuesdays at 3pm PST/ 6pm EST and is available for download and lives stream at http://www.powereduptalkradio.comand http://itunes.com. To reach Sandra or Linda please contact them directly at Sandra@PoweredUpTalkRadio.com and Linda@PoweredUpTalkRadio.com.

From New York City to Los Angeles “Powered up with Beck and Franklin” gives women of all ages permission to live the life they have always dreamed of. Why live in black and white when you can choose the brilliance of 3D and Technicolor? Each week Beck and Franklin and their high-powered guests will be here to cheer you on, to share their challenges, their successes and what they have learned from their failures. It’s all about women supporting women. The stories and practical tips on sex, beauty, money and so much more are designed to help you re-connect to the powerful woman you are. Fabulous knows no limits. It’s time for you to expand your boundaries.


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