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Dr. Ray McKinley is a Speaker, Author, and Coach. He is an expert in Thought Leadership and has recently published a book on the subject entitled Ride the Elephant – The Journey to True Success.

Dr. McKinley presents timely leadership concepts that this world desperately needs. You have a choice to experience the perils of bondage that come with a failure to lead OR the fulfillment and the joy of personal freedom that comes with being a leader in your relationships, families, and at work.

The podcast will present specific strategies to transcend the 12 Dichotomies that keep us stuck. Learn how to:

·      Overcome adversities and use it to Ride the Elephant to True Success.

·      Mend your relationships at work and at home.

·      Successfully have the tough conversations with those you love.

·      Stop being motivated by garnering the approval of others and start being inspired by your passion and vision.

It is time to renew your leadership mindset, based on time tested beliefs, values, and principles that have worked for thousands of years that we have left to the wayside.

It is time to erase a mindset that controls and intimidates by blaming, excuse-making, victimhood, fear, anxiety, presumption, narcissism, situational ethics and value-judging?

It is time to lead without using fear and suppression, rescuing and enabling, conformity and labeling, and by marginalizing others with ad hominem rhetoric. 

It is time to embrace edifying leadership principles.

Dr. McKinley makes you aware how we have lost them in today’s culture and what you can do to get them back.


Leadership is an inside job; it begins with you having a leadership mindset.

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Ray McKinley was raised in Fraser, Michigan along with eleven siblings. He grew up in a family business, which happened to be a private airport and a family farm. At age 15, he was put on a bulldozer, dragline, and earthmover to construct, on the family farm, a 27-hole golf course.

He attended the University of Detroit Dental School and than opened a dental practice in Macomb County, Michigan. He is married to his wife Lynn and the father of six children and 5 grandchildren.

He became very interested in education and life-long learning. He served locally on The Excellence in Education panel and was appointed as a delegate to the White House Conference on Small Business. He served as Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce and placed an emphasis on integrating character development and ethics in the schools.

As a dentist in Shelby Township, Michigan for 45 years, as well as a secondary school educator, he presented to professional groups, church leaders, and educators on numerous topics related to leadership, character and personal growth.

He wrote Ride the Elephant – The Journey to True Success, as a conversation starter and his hope is that the book will identify the BIG questions in your life. Remembering that many of the BIG questions lie in this book, however the answers lie within you.

May your journey be blessed and bright!