Improving Your Prayers

On a four-wheeling trip up to Paris Springs in Cache National Forest, our family stopped at a trail to hike.  We walked the length of three football fields, along a river, so we could see the exact spot where the natural spring was emerging from the mountainside.  Even though we’d visited Paris Springs many times before, seeing it that day took my breath away.  I could see the constant movement of refreshing, so-clean-you-could-drink-it H2O flowing freely from a fist-size hole in the rock.  It amazed me!  I knew the spring’s source was deep underground, and, yet, I couldn’t see it.  The water pouring out of the mountain was proof that the spring existed.  That experience reminds me that even though we can't see the source of our spiritual strength, it’s always there. 

Jesus Christ is my higher power.  He offers all human beings living water.  We drink of His living water when we pray.  His cup is filled with goodness and he desires all to receive it.  Prayer channels His goodnesswhich then fills our souls with the enabling power of his grace, a power I know I need daily to face my challenges.  Prayer helps anyone seeking for peace to find peace.  As words are uttered in the name of Jesus Christ troubled hearts become calm.  Oh, how I need His goodness and his grace!  

Lately, I’ve tried to be more engaging when I pray.  I've tried to talk more sincerely to my Heavenly Father so that I may feel Christ’s grace pouring out upon me. I’ve tried to think about being more vulnerable, faithful, and humble in asking for heaven’s help, and it’s made a difference in how I feel and how I receive the impressions of the spirit.  

My walk to Paris Springs last summer will help me remember that Christ’s goodness flows freely.  That although I can't see him, I know he is the source of true spiritual strength and that strength can be accessed through prayer.  I want more than anything to continue to improve my prayers so that I may receive all the goodness he has to give me. 

How could you make your prayer experience more meaningful? 

Email me at jodimarierobinson (at) gmail (dot) com.


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