Be Who You Must, That's a Part of the Plan

During the month of October on The Living Room we’ve been exploring all aspects of our imaginary “perfect day,” in connection with our episode “Who Do You Want To Be…and What’s Stopping You?”  This week we’re launching a new show called “Limitless.” This post contributes some insight to ideas presented in both of those shows.

I love this article a friend recently shared from Steven Pressfield’s site, because it talks about someone who is a “late bloomer,”—James Rhodes—who decided to do something big in his 40s. He was not a child prodigy, not someone who majored in this in college, but someone who decided mid-stream that he wanted to live a different life. He wanted to become a concert pianist. And then he did!

Best of all, he describes HOW he did it…what he sacrificed, and how he rearranged his schedule to give himself a precious six hours a day to pursue his passion. He takes you through a series of What Ifs, (What Ifs that actually happened for him) until you realize this is truly POSSIBLE!

While I do NOT recommend sacrificing personal relationships or sanity, I do admire his pluck, and the fact that he pulled it off.

I especially love this line:
“We seem to have evolved into a society of mourned and misplaced creativity.” How sad that most of the world today is ignoring the thing they are most passionate about, burying their inner genius and divine spark, surrendered instead to the non-stop drivel online and on t.v. Why not become that person we were designed to be, why not choose to do that impossible thing?

p.s. Shout-out to Dan Fogelberg for the title of this article:

Still reading? I also have some links for you to a series I wrote describing a time when I was limitless—when I did something impossible, something i thought I’d never be able to do in a million years. I shared a tiny bit of this story on our show, but there is so much more in terms of both disasters and miracles. And the How-tos as well. Read the entire saga if you can, and let me know how you’re becoming limitless too. The series is called Christmas All Summer.

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Darkness, Despair, and a Dare
Toil, Solitude, Prayer
Water, Light and Inspiration
Opening Miracles


   Jana Winters Parkin is an artist, writer, teacher, and adjunct art professor at UVU. She and her husband have 3 kids and 2 dogs, and she spends every day possible rejuvenating her soul in Utah's glorious mountains. She writes at and exhibits her work at

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