Utah Doctor Performs Innovative and Effective Carpal Tunnel Release

Dr. Craig Chappell Brings Expertise and Innovative, Non-Invasive Relief for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to Utah

The founder of In2it Medical performed his 100th procedure with the revolutionary Sonex SX-One MicroKnife under sonography guidance

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah, March 29, 2019—Dr. Craig Chappell, a triple board certified physician, is the first and only physician in Utah to offer the Sonex SX-One MicroKnife carpal tunnel syndrome procedure, which reduces the standard 2-to-6-week recovery time to 4 to 6 days while still providing permanent and immediate relief. Utahns who are among the 12 million Americans suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome no longer have to choose between undergoing a traditionally invasive surgery with a lengthy recovery or continuing to live with the pain and discomfort.

Dr. Chappell, who trained extensively in this technique with the inventors of the MicroKnife, is the only doctor in Utah that can perform this specialized treatment and is the second practitioner in the United States to perform his 100th SX-One MicroKnife carpal tunnel release.

 “Technology has given us another extremely effective tool for reducing pain and improving quality of life for people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome,” said Dr. Chappell. “The In2it Medical practice is all about eliminating or reducing pain, so we’re pleased to be the first in Utah to be able to offer this new path to relief.”

In addition to improved recovery times, patients also benefit from Dr. Chappell’s use of sonography. Unlike some practices, Dr. Chappell uses sonography in diagnosing and treating patients to ensure the best possible visibility and accuracy, and he performs the carpal tunnel release with full sonography guidance. He is Registered in Musculoskeletal (RMSK) sonography, a certification requiring specific educational and professional prerequisites as well as passing the Musculoskeletal (MSK) sonography examination. 

During the Sonex SX-One MicroKnife procedure, a small 4-5 mm incision in the wrist is made which can be closed with an adhesive bandage rather than stitches for minimal scarring. The device’s built-in safety features also help protect the surrounding tissue and structures, reducing trauma and recovery time. The 30-minute procedure can be performed at the In2it Medical office, helping patients avoid expenses related to surgical centers, and results in less pain and a much sooner return to normal life.

Located in Pleasant Grove, Utah, the In2it Medical team treats a variety of chronic pain conditions and injuries in addition to carpal tunnel syndrome. Dr. Chappell specializes in non-surgical orthopedic medicine, sports medicine, and regenerative medicine such as stem cell therapy and prolotherapy. As a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Chappell has advanced training in the musculoskeletal system and seeks to treat a patient’s whole person with the understanding that bodily systems are interrelated. In2it Medical sees patients Monday through Friday and can be reached at 801-610-7321 or through their website www.in2itmedical.com.


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