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Many years ago I decided to travel to America. It was to be a short visit; a fortnight at the most. Australia had always been at the top of my list of places to visit but opportunity landed me at DFW airport toting one tiny suitcase and a snazzy duffel leaving my parents wondering what they were going to tell the neighbours about my sudden departure.  A handsome Texan, complete with Hawaiian shirt, had fallen in love with me at Victoria station in London and sent me an invitation with a plane ticket, to visit his home in Dallas while he was between rock and roll tours. 'Nothing ventured nothing gained,' I thought as I made my way through customs and into his waiting arms.

Twenty-a-lot years later I am an empty nester with a story, lots of stories in fact!

My Blue Eyed Cowboy and I have found our dream home right here in Texas, not quite a tropical island but have you ever tried prying a native Texan away from his home?

I'm ready to start the next leg of our adventure and continue in the tradition of homeschooling by brainstorming with my grown children about homesteading. Growing vegetables, making plain yogurt, raising a cow or two, finding a starter for sour dough bread and grappling with technology to enliven my show.     

Settling our tract of land, notwithstanding, Australia is still on my bucket list!    

My life in Texas has seen me raise four grown children now aged 29-23 who were my guinea pigs when I accidentally stumbled into the world of homeschooling. They willingly acquiesced for the fifteen-year lifespan of Wildflower Academy, the fancy name I affixed to my one room schoolhouse.

I became the mother of the year for allowing: snakes to co-habit with us and shed their skins in my bath-tub; raccoons to learn how to swim in our pool; baby squirrels to be bottle fed every three hours and abandoned opossums to cling upside down from my hands by their tails. 

With the onset of empty nest my Southern Gentleman and I packed our bags and headed to London for a fashionable Gap Year.  We learned how to live as a couple having only ever had children under our feet, and we found that we really rather enjoyed each other's company and are still crazy about each other!

After returning to America, ousting our sons from our house, planning a wedding and selling our family home of 28 years we returned to my fair shores and sold the London flat and returned to Dallas to...  

...move back in with Mum... while God took His sweet time letting us in on His upcoming plan for the rest of our lives.

When I'm not rushing around volunteering and walking in ancient woodlands, or around Hideaway Lake in East Texas, or with dogs in Turkey Creek, Florida on a house-sitting assignment, I enjoy reading, cooking curry and thinking.  I write a personal blog, a Radio Show blog and guest write for Vibrant Nation.  I am also the host of my popular show, The Sociable Homeschooler here on Toginet Radio.  


My gallant Texan and I share dinner dates at home each weekend, we reckon the food we rustle up is infinitely better than anything a local restaurant can set before us. We have the added fun of tasting while we cook, chopping veggies side by side, creating sauces and indulging in wickedly funny conversation. 

Tune in to my show, The Sociable Homeschooler, every Friday at 12 noon CT that's 6pm London time, to find out what's going on in my world and meet my guest.   

"He will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with his love, He will rejoice over you with singing"  (Zephaniah 3:17)

08.14.2015 A Desire to Obey: Tom & Julie Meekins


I’m delighted to be welcoming Tom and Julie Meekins back to my show this afternoon.

Julie and I first met in March of 2010 and right from the start I could tell she and her husband have a heart for parents, especially those raising children with challenges.

In walking the talk Tom and Julie decided to dedicate their professional lives to helping families navigate the scary world of parenting.  They became certified in child development and health coaching and in March 2011 started a company called March Forth Family LLC to help other families needing someone who totally understood the struggles they were having.

They are also the special needs specialists for the National Centre for Biblical Parenting.

Tom and Julie have been married for 37 years, have four children and in a moment of certifiable insanity chose the homeschooling path and now have four young adults who are doing fabulously.

The last time we spoke was in October 2014 and you can find all the conversations we’ve had over the last 5 years here on this site.


Join us this Friday for a very informative and uplifting conversation.

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07.08.2015 Homeschool Conference Season: Gretchen Roe

I am welcoming my friend and regular guest, Gretchen Roe, to my show this Friday.


Gretchen and her family have now been landowners for a year and she says it is quite a change from the urbanity of Maryland. We will be talking about the enterprises they have been embarking upon, slowly, and upcoming plans for the best use of their property. Although she no longer has a say so in her two boys' education Gretchen comments that all the projects they are undertaking on their 3 acre farmstead are so very homeschool, what with chickens and bees, a vegetable garden, bonfires and a swimming pool.

Gretchen and her husband Pat have six children all of whom they homeschooled.  When they moved from Maryland to Western North Carolina last year they made the seamless transition from homeschool to public school with their two youngest sons.

Visit The Sociable Homeschooler to listen to more of our conversations.

Gretchen also changed jobs and went from Community Liaison for the Calvert School to representative for Demme Learning,

We will talk about the homeschool conference season that runs from February to the end of July and some of the highlights of Math-U-See and Demme Learning’s recently added Spelling-You See both innovative curricula that you may want to consider when planning your next round of studies.

Visit their website at I know Gretchen will be thrilled to talk to you.

Bring your favourite hot drink, I usually have a nice cup of tea, and join us this Friday at noon to hear about how the summer has been going so far.


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07.31.2015 15,000 Fire Ants in My Tub: Dr. Colin Thomas


This week, as I work on my manuscripts, I am delighted to bring you Dr. Collin Thomas for my encore show.  Listen in anytime you want!

Dr. Thomas was one of my Zoo Keeper son’s professors at the local community college and their lasting friendship grew out of a deep mutual respect for one another on remotely connected levels.

Dr. Thomas completed undergraduate work at the University of Texas at Austin in the Plan II Liberal Arts Program and remained at Texas to complete his doctorate in Molecular Biology, he then went on to perform postdoctoral studies in cellular biophysics at the Rockefeller University in New York.

Fate brought him back to his native Texas where he currently teaches biology, genetics, and more recently, astrobiology at Collin College.

Dr. Thomas lives with his wife, two children, four dogs, five turtles, a micropig, numerous fish and arthropods in an old tumble-down house in South Dallas that he claims to be slowly renovating.

When he isn’t dealing with plumbing hemorrhages, peeling paint, rotted wood, or 15,000 fire ants in the bathtub he enjoys just spending time with his family.

Join us on Friday with your cup of tea and a biscuit to hear about the slowly evolving, but increasingly significant, change in his own disposition toward home-schooling.




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07.24.2015 Hot Buttons to Get Your Teen Talking: Nicole O'Dell


Listen to my encore show this week while I work on finishing my two manuscripts!   

Nicole O’Dell has a desire to bridge the gap between parents and teens and as a former teen herself and mother of six children she has first hand experience.

I am thrilled to welcome her today as my guest when we will be talking about topics that will get you all sticky under the collar and that’s before you even broach the subject with your teenagers!

Her new series of books, Hot Buttons, are aimed at helping parents handle tough issues with their tweens and teens before they pop up in real life.

Nicole is a youth culture expert, she writes and speaks to pre-teens, teens, and parents about how to prepare for life's tough choices. She is the author of ten YA novels, including the popular Scenarios for Girls interactive fiction series and the Diamond Estates series.

 Her non-fiction for teens includes Girl Talk, which she wrote with her two daughters based on their popular blog column by the same name, and hundreds of contributions to several devotional books.

Nicole is the founder of Choose Now Ministries and fellow radio show host here on Toginet Radio.

Join me on Friday during elevensies and take some steps with Nicole towards guiding and encouraging your teens’ commitment to good decisions.


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07.17.2015 What is God Doing? Tricia Goyer



My guest this week, for my encore show, homeschooled three of her children through high school and has one left to go!

You can listen here.  

Tricia Goyer writes books, lots of them and won Historical Novel of the Year in 2005 and 2006 from ACFW, and was honored with the Writer of the Year award from Mt. Hermon Writer's Conference in 2003.

Her book, Life Interrupted, was a finalist for the Gold Medallion in 2005.

She shares Jesus' love through volunteering as a mentor for teenage moms in her community, and ministering in the Czech Republic on regular missions trips where her daughter is currently serving.

She lives in Little Rock, Arkansas with her family and the dog and once a week hosts a show called Living Inspired here on Toginet radio, Thursdays at 3pm CT. Tricia Goyer invites women everywhere to cast aside discouragement and fear to live real life, inspired!

Join us this week for a cup of Earl Grey and a rich tea as we talk about finding out what God’s doing and linking arms with Him!

Listen Now!




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