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Xlibris On Air...get the story behind the story! It's all on Xlibris On Air. You'll get to hear the authors talking about their books. How did they do it? What inspired them? What is their story about? All these questions and answered every week on Xlivris On Air! Take the opportunity to hear it all. Don't miss it! Join us LIVE every Sunday at 12:00-1:00PM EST to hear the latest interviews by today's authors!


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JK Hoffman, Winifred Lee Richardson and Judith G Abernethy
Lynn Case, Cathy Gault and Bill Poje
J.J. Nichols, Dalton Reimer and Carl Wooton
Joni Franks, Dr. Philip Barnard and Jerry Lee Miller
Lee Flandreau, Joe Lockhart and Paul J. Zingg
David E. Peeples, John Emery, MD and Col. Nicoll F. Galbraith
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