George Chanos "A Mindset for the 21st Century"

George Chanos Chairman of the Board of Capriotti's Restaraunts

Mr. George Chanos was our guest today on the radio show. He joined Honorary Host Bill Heinrich and hosts "Dandy Don" Mcgrath and Jim Grant.

George was Nevada's 31st Attorney General. He is the Chairman of the 100+ store QSR franchise Capriotti's, a strategic business consultant, an author, and a speaker.

George even created the successful trivia board game known as "Notable Quotables".

George offers his FREE E-book Millennial Samurai - "A mindset for the 21st Century" To receive a free copy go to:

George demonstrated and shared his common-sense approach to dealing with problems and a unique ability to understand and explain complex issues.

He shared information on many changes coming over the next decade and beyond.

George has a unique and clear vision with uncommon insights, concerning how anyone, regardless of circumstance, can overcome the challenges they face and go on to design and lead a happy, successful and meaningful life.

George writes and speaks about what he sees as our collective future, and offers important insight and advice, on how we can reach our individual and collective potential - in what promises to be a rapidly and radically changing environment.

During his visit with us today, George also shared how we are living in the most extraordinary period in human history. The world is changing rapidly and radically, and we're not ready.

Over the next ten years we will experience unprecedented social, economic and political disruption.

Over the next thirty years technology will redefine life as we know it. In order to survive and thrive this tsunami of technological change, we will need to pivot and adapt to a constantly changing environment. We will need to learn, unlearn and relearn. And we will need to develop a new mindset, a new way of thinking. 

Bill Heinrich offered his FREE Ebook "Clarity Has No Story" For your copy:

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Have a Blessed Weekend, Jim Grant






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