Janie Sterling "How To Chart Your Course For Change"

Janie Sterling, Transformational Coach, Speaker, Trainer, NLP Master


Janie Sterling was our guest today. Janie is a Board Certified Coach, Professional Certified Coach, Fitness & Nutrition Specialist, NLP Master and Peak Performance Specialist.

Janie is a trained speaker, facilitator, coach, teacher, mentor, Mom of 4...and trustworthy friend. Her unwavering love and devotion for people is undeniable and there is nothing more fulfilling to her than to make a difference in someone else's life and to help them design a life they love and level of happiness and freedom they never thought possible.

Many items were discussed during the broadcast today, including when we shame and blame, we have a tendency to hold our breath. Janie recommends to reverse that action and breathe in from your heart and not your head.

She also discussed about how you set boundaries and she used 'integrity' as an example. Boundaries are very important and when you go against your integrity and do something that truly goes against your values.

Other items Janies shared with the audience was...

Take an Honest Look at Your Life Circumstances.

Get Clear on What's Holding You Back
Change Your Mind to Change Your Life.

Break it Down into Small Action Steps.

Daily Routines and Rituals Support Your Success.

Website: https://www.janiesterling.com
  Email: hello@janiesterling.com

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