"The Wisdom In Wisdom Teeth"

"The Wisdom In Wisdom Teeth"

Dr. Theodore J.  Grellner, DDS, PA,

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Ted Grellner was our guest today on the radio show.  His many years of experience enabled him to become the foremost expert in the world of wisdom teeth.  

His advice to parents in being pro-active in the planning of removing wisdom teeth in teenagers.  The alternative is to be re-active when the teeth become a problem.  

The method and techniques he discusses allows for less pain and faster recovery time for the patient. 

Dr. Grellner is Board-Certified Oral Surgeon: Wisdom Tooth Removal Expert, QuickRecover IV Anesthesia, Precise Dental Implant Placement using 3-D Digital X-ray Technology. 

His websites are: 



Email: tg@grellnerdds.com

Call: (813) 972-3478

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