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 Tamara Hunter

Cancer Survivor





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Jim and Dandy Don opened the show recapping a little of last week's show and their special guest, Mr. Bill Heinrich.  Bill shared with the audience about HOW to recognize and overcome Fear and how to shift to a positive position anchored in your heart with a focus on Love and Serving Others.  Bill's keen insight revealed that you never make decisions, only make choices.  Because when you make a decision, you bring on stress because your entire focus is on the end result. When you make a choice, your focus is coming from your heart and your focus is on serving others as opposed to the end result. In the podcast Bill and Dandy Don offer Friday Freebies to all listeners. The show is entitled "Conquering Fear & Finding Your True Life's Purpose & Energy" on ‘Your Future Is Now' podcasts which aired Friday, April 5, 2019. The shows sponsored by www.speakerspathway.com

This week's special guest is Tamara Hunter

Tamara Hunter is a cancer survivor.  She'll never forgot those three words spoken to her from her doctor; "YOU Have Cancer!!" This disease changed her life as she and another lady suffering from cancer formed a ‘buddy team' full of Love & Support. Together this team of two ladies planted a seed of Hope and Support for others who heard those same three words, "YOU Have Cancer." 

This created a life-long passion for Tamara to become a crusader to ensure she did everything she could so NO ONE would ever have to face cancer alone.  Everything she experienced she poured into what became a Labor of Love for her. She focused on the Victims of Cancer as she knew all to well what they were experiencing and going through.  Tamara created a non-profit organization www.chemobuddies4life.org 

Tamara has built a huge following and she would like for everyone to know; if they or someone they might know has cancer, they do NOT have to suffer that disease all alone.  All they have to do is contact www.chemobuddies4life.org and get connected to a ‘buddy' that will provide help, assistance and a listening ear during the low points of their journey.  

In today's show, Tamara announced that Chemo Buddies 4 Life is not limited to just cancer victims...but to ANY VICTIM suffering from a life-threatening disease

She mentioned a lady that was welcomed with open arms that is dire need of a kidney replacement.  Tamara knows that this lady also needs a buddy too!

Tamara's pathway led her to wear many hats. She created a daily Facebook Live show "The Service Hero Show".  In these episodes Tamara interviews people from all walks of life whom have demonstrated that their heart is focused on serving others.  

As busy as she is, Tamara eagerly accepted the invite to become an Executive Training Director with Speakers Pathway Coalition, www.speakerspathway.com  In this capacity, Tamara shares her message to others with Love and Encouragement to encourage others to get their message out and maybe even create a cause and mission to meet others needs. 

All of Tamara's commitment to serve others got other people to sit up and take notice.  She was invited and very honored to accept to compete in "The Next Impactor Challenge".  Tamara was thrilled when she broke into the Top 50 contestants.  But little did anyone know that her Love, her Energy and her Compassion would carry her even further.  She not only broke into the Top 10...Tamara is in the Top 5 currently sitting at #4, leaving many other challengers far behind.  

The written words here can never come close to the powerful message Tamara shared to day on the radio program. Especially, to those that have heard those three horrible words, ‘YOU Have Cancer'.  So please download this podcast and send to anyone that you may know that has cancer or any other life-threatening disease.  

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