Jacque Zoccoli "Turning Business Cards to Gold"

Jaclyn "Jacque" Zoccoli


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Turning Business Cards to Gold is the title of Jacque's show today!! And she really delivered a lot of golden nuggets in regards to networking, the mindset and the reason you are attending.

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Below are a few of the items Jacque shares during the program. 

How to Flip the Frustrations of Networking Events:   Attend when you are fresh and ready to meet people - not in your down time
.  When you know the reason you are there (alliances), this is a fun system.  
Present yourself in a way that "Excites Awareness" of your benefits
!!  No one cares what you know, until they know that you care.. . . so go out of your way!!

Would 600 new clients from one person delight you?
  Creating a Strategic Alliance who targets the same audience, has a large sphere of influence, and a Big Mouth assures Word of Mouth with YOUR prospects, when you play it smart.

It takes a keen eye to spot a profitable and Strategic Alliance Once you know your very best alliance, 2 one on ones are in order, what to say/find out
How to assure they seriously want to commit to working with you?
Test those prospective Strategic Alliances - do a gig together, or go to an event & introduce each other.

Once you have a Strategic Alliance, how to keep them, how to make them profitable? What goes around comes around. You get what you give. Constant top of mind.
You must create exciting events together to make the relationship work - & done equally
Articles, events, social media, newsletters, summits, workshops, visit clients together

Let's understand the game! It's the Dance, the Courting, the Partnering that eventually get the customers.
Based on the 5Cs, this is the Networking to Become Word of Mouth concept.
Commonalities, Communication, Commitment, Contribution, and Collaboration.  

GLOW (Guided Love of Wholeness)

Dance - event itself (commonalities, communication)

Courting - one on ones (2) (commonalities, communication, commitment)

Partnering - Agree to work together (contribution/collaboration) - projects are?
Turning Business Cards to Gold - starts from knowing alliances, building a team of them, then through reciprocal efforts reel in the prospects via Word of Mouth, thus the gold.
Start in person, then look at your own database. They are hiding there.

Also, Jacque offered a FREE COMPLIMENTARY GIFT....up to One-Hour of "BRAINSTORMING" to help you discover new niches and alliances on things you may not have considered before. 

Go to:   http://calendly.com/jacque-2/linkedin-one-on-one


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