Miroslav Beck "Overnight Success is a Decision




Miroslav Beck "Overnight Success is a Decision"

Miroslav Beck left the Czech Republic, Mira came to the USA in 1997 for a 6-month work opportunity. After realizing that it was just a big scam, he decided to stay and make the most out of this opportunity.

Left with $200 in his pocket and only a few words of English, he ‘invested' $140 in a bus ticket to Tampa. 
"It was a Thanksgiving Day, and I figured if I'm supposed to sleep under a tree, it might as well be a palm tree", he often jokingly says.

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After working a few low paying jobs, Mira invested his meager savings in himself and enrolled in a local college taking an English class. After just one summer of English, he then enrolled in St. Petersburg College full time and graduated with a Television and Video Production Degree.

Being a serial Entrepreneur at heart, Mira didn't want to work for anyone, so while still in college, he started his own video production company, quickly realizing that his college degree did not prepare him for being a business owner.

The real world forced Mira to learn sales, marketing and daily business operations the hard way, making just about every mistake imaginable.

Already familiar with the importance of ‘investing in himself', Mira went to study marketing, sales, business operations and time management, but this time not at a traditional school. Instead, he found a mentor that had a coaching program and a mastermind group.

"I decided to learn from the best, and I learned more in one year, then I would in four years of college. And best of all, I learned marketing from people that were actually doing it." Thanks to his acquired marketing knowledge Mira quadrupled his video production company's sales in three years.

He was so passionate about marketing and how it transformed his business, that he wanted to help other business owners and took an opportunity to become an Independent Business Adviser for Glazer-Kennedy Insider's Circle and spent almost 2 years teaching Dan Kennedy style marketing to hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs in Tampa Bay.

As a founder of Beck Audio Visual Services and Overnight Success Studios, Mira brings in a rare combination of business experience, marketing and video production, but above all, he is also an Information Marketer so he understands what you really need. 

Mira offered a FREE 30-minute evaluation on video production and guidance in your creative project. To contact Mira got to https://beckav.com/home


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