Dec 19, 2016 American Patchwork & Quilting

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American Patchwork Quilting Pocast episode 325 Pat Sloan

For the end of the year show I decided to try out a new show format... and it was fun... like REALLY fun for me to do.  

I have 4 segments and 4 different topics, but it's just me chatting with you today.

  • First give you my shows back story, how it all came about. Because seriously 6 1/2 years ago i never heard of internet radio. And now i'm ending year 6 and starting year 7 and I love it as much as I always have!
  • I have a Q&A segment with questions you asked me at my facebook group, which by the way is super fun so if you have not joined me yet please do! 
  • My huge project this year is the Splendid Sampler, so I did a where it's at and what's going on about the project. 
  • Moda is one of the big sponsor for my talk show and I really want you to hear what goes on behind the scenes. Plus let you know what's coming up, There is more to the people at the company than a new line coming out. 

Pat sloan radio headset 2016

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