Feb 19, 2018 American Patchwork & Quilting

Malka Dubrawsky, Carl Hentsch, Sherri McConnell, and Jo Morton Chat with Pat!

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American Patchwork Quilting Pocast episode 369 Malka Dubrawsky

I’ve been a huge fan of Malka Dubrawsky’s work for years. I love her hand dyed fabric, her quilt shop fabrics and her process for creating. Malka always has the most interesting articles . It’s time we caught up again!

Visit Malka at www.stitchindye.com/

Quilt at website 

Article I mentioned

American Patchwork Quilting Pocast episode 369 Carl Hentsch

Designer and Author Carl Hentsch of 3 Dog Design creates exciting quilts. With circles, and flying geese and angles that capture your attention. He has has a keen interest in Amish quilts. We’ll learn some of his thoughts on color and process to create his quilt designs.


Visit Carl  www.3dogdesignco.com/

American Patchwork Quilting Pocast episode 369 Sherri McConnell

It’s been awhile since my friend the very talented designer of quilts & fabric and author Sherri McConnell was here to visit. We had booths near each other at the trade show in October where we had some time to catch up on life. And her awesome husband was there too so my shipping department & hers had a chance to meet. Sherri is not only talented but prolific so I hope to get some of her ‘Sew-Jo’ today!

Visit Sherri  www.aquiltinglife.com/

American Patchwork Quilting Pocast episode 369 Jo Morton

Jo Morton is back to talk about her Little Favorites books, Jo’s Floral Album, her newest fabric and she has a few tips for us on using the back basting technique for applique!

Visit Jo  jomortonquilts.com/ 

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