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Life is about daily re-engineering ourselves towards our Lim-it-Less potential, by taking advantage of the greatest untapped resource – you! 

Together, we will hear compelling stories of other individuals in hopes of one thing: how do we get to know ourselves?

Patty Wyatt is a Mediator, Coach, Trainer, Speaker, and Relational-purpose expert, who will help you find a formula that can change your world.

How do we go from “Dreaming iT, to Living iT?  

By taking iT one step at a time. 

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450 - Don’t Make Me Count To 3 w/Ginger Hubbard and Patty Lynn Wyatt

How can parents help children understand the heart issue behind whining and teach children to be better communicators?When children tell lies or whine...

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445 LEARN LIFE-CHANGING STRATEGIES w/Blaine Oelkers & Patty Wyatt

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449 You Never Stop Being A Parent ~ w/Elyse Fitzpatrick and Patty Wyatt

Your kids are all grown up. Did you think your were done parenting??Parents often assume that their job as a parent is complete when their children...

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447 Launching Your Kids Without Losing Your Mind - Brenda Yoder and Patty Wyatt

5 Things to do now, for a successful launch w/your children1. Be Radically Present2. Don’t Steal Their Pain (Helps develop independence . . ....

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448 Tips to Becoming an Empty Nester w/Elyse Fitzpatrick and Patty Wyatt

Are you in that chapter of your life where you are doing quite a bit ofreinventing …. And a whole lot of reflecting? The time of year where you...

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