Lessons in Transformation: Mindful, Positive Leadership with John Perkins &n Manny Weintraub

John Perkins &n Manny Weintraub


One truth of the pandemic is that the entire world is going through this together. This distinctive time offers our species a unique opportunity for growth and transformation but only if we can transcend the fear and work together in unity. Mother Earth is flexing her lungs again and recalibrating as the ‘Great Pause’ lengthens. If we collectively invest in the present, this strange period just might be remembered as the ‘Great Reset’. To find out what individuals can do to reignite the economy and leave a better planet for those who will inherit the earth,  Positive Psychology Podcast Host, Lisa Cypers Kamen speaks with Author, John Perkins, about his thought-provoking book about confronting fear, Touching the Jaguar. And, Financial Analyst, Manny Weintraub about how using mindful practices can lead to better investment decisions.

About Lisa’s guests: 

John Perkins is an author and activist. As chief economist at a major consulting firm, he advised the World Bank, United Nations, Fortune 500 corporations, US, and other governments. He regularly speaks at universities, economic forums, and shamanic gatherings around the world and is a founder and board member of the nonprofit organizations, the Pachamama Alliance, and Dream Change. 

Book: Touching the Jaguar: Transforming Fear Into Action to Change Your Life and the World 

John Perkins Website

@JPerkinsAuthor on Twitter

John Perkins Author on Facebook 

Manny Weintraub specializes in explaining investing (in plain English) to people who haven’t seriously considered it. As an avid meditation and yoga enthusiast, Manny looks beyond Wall Street’s conventional wisdom. During his 30-year career as a Chartered Financial Analyst, Manny has looked after hundreds of clients and managed more than 1.5 billion dollars. His unique approach takes the lessons of meditation and applies them to investing for retirement. 

@MannyWeintraub on Twitter

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