How to Beat Burn-out: Restore Health and Vitality with Dr. Amy Shah & Dr. Christa Kuberry

Dr. Amy Shah & Dr. Christa Kuberry

Anxiety, overwhelm, and fatigue are common afflictions for those of us juggling work, home, and/or parenting responsibilities, especially during the pandemic. The key to managing energy, including emotional energy that has been drained so intensely, is a combination of proper nutrition, rest, and meditation. But, how do many of us take the time to fit these essential wellness components into our daily routines? To bring to light simple ways we can all integrate mindfulness practices into our lives, Positive Psychology Podcast Host, Lisa Cypers Kamen speaks with two doctors who have written books about holistic practices to restore the body’s health and vitality. Dr. Amy Shah discusses key elements found in her book, I’m So Effing Tired about how vital nutrition is in overall wellbeing. And Dr. Christa Kuberru of the Yoga Alliance details the benefits of yoga on the mind and body as found in her upcoming book, Is This Yoga?

About Lisa’s guests:

Amy Shah, MD is a double board-certified medical doctor and nutrition expert with training from Cornell, Columbia, and Harvard Universities. Drawing from her background in internal medicine and allergy/immunology, as well as her own wellness journey, she has dedicated her practice to helping her patients feel better and live healthier through her integrative and holistic approach to wellness. 

Book: I’m So Effing Tired: A Proven Plan to Beat Burnout, Boost Your Energy, and Reclaim Your Life

Dr. Christa Kuberry leads the Yoga Alliance’s ongoing efforts to evaluate and evolve yoga teacher training standards. Christa has been practicing asana for more than 15 years and received her Ph.D. in 2015. Christa has extensive experience in corporate wellness and is a nationally recognized educator. 

Book: Is This Yoga? Concepts, Histories, and the Complexities of Modern Practice

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