The Secrets of Good-Enoughness and The Good Life with Professors Andreas Elpidoru & Avram Alpert

Professors Andreas Elpidoru & Avram Alpert

There is a wide gap between feeling not enough and good enough. The secret to feeling good enough is using boredom and frustration to propel us forward toward achieving our goals. We become frustrated when we face obstacles to getting things we care about and it forces us to try another way of something new. By embracing our imperfections, and relinquishing our need to be right, we can all lead a good-enough life. To discover how to use our emotions in a way that creates a greater good for ourselves and our community, Positive Psychology Podcast Host Lisa Cypers Kamen speaks with two professors and authors about how to live a good life. The author of Propelled: How Boredom, Frustration, and Anticipation Lead Us to the Good Life, Professor Andreas Elpidorou describes how boredom and frustration are often misinterpreted and can be real opportunities for improving life experiences. And, the author of The Good-Enough Life, Professor Avram Alpert shares his secrets for good-enoughness and how being a part of the social construct offers a greater good for all. 

About Lisa’s guests:

Andreas Elpidorou is a Professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Louisville. He specializes in the philosophical study of the mind with an emphasis on emotions and consciousness. Author of Propelled: How Boredom, Frustration, and Anticipation Lead us to the Good Life, his work on the nature and value of boredom has received worldwide media attention.

Presently a Fellow at the New Institute in Hamburg, Germany, Avram “Avi” Alpert received his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the University of Pennsylvania. He has taught at Princeton and Rutgers and is the author of three books. In 2018 he co-founded the Interdisciplinary Art and Theory Program at Jack Shainman Gallery where he now serves as an advisor.

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