Environmental Toxins and the Impact On Our Health with Aaron Hartman MD


Did you know that 80% of heart disease and 70% of cancers can be prevented through diet and lifestyle changes? And that starting some monthly supplements before allergy season can keep you breathing freely? For an in-depth look at the environmental toxins that impact our health, Positive Psychology Podcast Host Lisa Cypers Kamen speaks with Aaron Hartmann MD, the founder of Richmond Integrative and Functional Medicine. Aaron offers tips for maintaining a healthy immune system and shares statistics and insights to help people take control of their health, eliminate toxins, and stave off chronic illness. 

— Achieve Overall Health & Wellbeing:

  • Andrew describes the impact of the environment and the water we drink on human health. [2:06]
  • The air quality of indoor environments can dramatically affect health. [6:59]
  • How to support overall health through the GI tract and if eating organic is worth it. [11:06] 
  • How the gut, sinuses, and lungs all support the immune system. [20:39]
  • Aaron offers tips for protecting the immune system before allergy season begins. [23:14] 

This episode of Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio is sponsored by: 

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About Lisa’s guest:

Aaron Hartman MD has been involved with over 60 clinical studies. Board-certified in Integrative & Functional Medicine along with Family Practice, he is the founder of the Virginia Research Center and serves as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Family Medicine at the VCU School of Medicine. In 2016, he founded Richmond Integrative and Functional Medicine.
Podcast episode about environmental toxins and the impact in our health with Andrew Hartman and positive psychology expert Lisa Cypers Kamen, sponsored by Nutrafol
“We don’t have to run to a prescription pad to rebound from these conditions.”  - Lisa Cypers Kamen
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