A Favorite Theme Revisited - Body-Wise: Functional and Integrative Medicine for Women's Wellness with Aviva Romm MD

podcast about integrative medicine and women's wellness with Aviva Romm

The research on women’s health issues is an underserved area of study. Many women resort to becoming citizen scientists to sort out their symptoms in an effort to put the puzzle pieces together to achieve wellness. Conventional medicine rarely uses natural methods or plants to help women achieve proper wellness, opting instead for pharmaceuticals, which normally only serve to hide symptoms. To discover ways to put the art back into the medical arts, Harvesting Happiness Podcast Host Lisa Cypers Kamen speaks with a healthcare practitioner with over 30 years of women’s wellness experience, Aviva Romm. Aviva shares key takeaways from her book, Hormone Intelligence: The Complete Guide to Calming Hormone Chaos and Restoring Your Body's Natural Blueprint for Well-Being, and details her unique journey through medical school.

Aviva Romm MD — Functional & Integrative Medicine:

  • Taking an unconventional path, Aviva left the conventional medical model to become a top Western herbal medicine practitioner and a midwife. [3:31]
  • Public health is changing for women as they become more empowered, more body literate, and additional outlets of information are available. [9:42]
  • In her book, Hormone Intelligence, Aviva focuses on the root causes of inflammation, empowering women to become Citizen Scientists. [14:20]
  • The INTERHEART study researched the dangerous impact of loneliness on women’s health. [23:29]
  • The pros and cons of herbs and supplements and hormone replacement therapies. [28:03]

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About Lisa’s guest:

Aviva Romm, MD, is the mother of four grown children, a Yale-trained physician specializing in integrative medicine for women and children, a midwife, an herbalist, and an award-winning author. Aviva has spent nearly 30 years as a healthcare practitioner and advocate for the health and environmental concerns of women and kids. She is on fire about creating a better world for all.

“There is something about wisdom and intelligence that is built into the aging process.” - Lisa Cypers Kamen

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