Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio Welcomes Meg Pier June 29

ViewfromthePier.com, an online oasis for those seeking self-discovery and a sense of wonder through the prism of travel, celebrated its second anniversary April 2nd. Each day, the site features a new image captioned by an uplifting quotation--a daily dose of colorful inspiration available as a free subscription.  Other regular features include bi-monthly blog postings that are part-travelogue, part-life lesson, as well as an in-depth destination feature and a thought-provoking monthly Q&A column.

Established in April 2009 by Meg Pier, the website’s tagline is "connecting with self, others and a sense of wonder through travel." The site’s core mission is to provide readers with hope, meaning, and the encouragement to explore their passions.  Since its inception, ViewfromthePier.com has offered inspiration for readers with stunning photography, vivid pictures painted in prose and compelling personal stories of a wide cross-section of people with whom Pier has crossed paths in her travels across the globe. ViewfromthePier serves as a refuge for an ever-growing readership through insightful articles about colorful traditions, diverse spiritual practices and powerful landscapes, as well as compelling interviews with fascinating characters from around the globe.

Pier launched ViewfromthePier.com after a 25-year successful run as an executive in financial services.  Following retirement from her corporate career, Pier sought to create a forum where she could share her journey to rediscover a sense of wonder and connection. In addition to managing ViewfromthePier, she is a regular contributor to the travel section of the Boston Globe, the website of CBS News travel editor Peter Greenberg, and The Huffington Post.

"Travel and photography allow me to change my perspective, see the beauty in the everyday, ‘focus’ on the moment at hand and become more mindful," Pier said. "The people I meet open my eyes to new ways of seeing things, while also reminding me of how alike we all are.  Through writing about my experiences, I am able to re-live and share the many meaningful moments of my journey with others who have the same yearning for a sense of awe, as well as for connection.  It's a privilege to shine a spotlight on some of the remarkable people I have met and be able to pass on their wisdom.  It is equally gratifying to hear from readers whose day has been brightened by an uplifting image and quotation."

In addition to ViewfromthePier’s daily quote/image combo and bi-monthly blogs, the site's rich content includes:

  • the "Compass Rose" (http://www.viewfromthepier.com/compass-rose/), a regular in-depth destination feature focusing on a facet of a given region's culture or broader travel themes.  Pieces have included a series on flamenco, recently designated by UNESCO as an item of intangible cultural heritage; a series on the history, culture and geography of Cyprus through the lens of its Orthodox Christianity; and features on Santa Fe's fiber arts trail, the Yucatan's sacred cenotes, and the "Cathar Country" of southwestern France.
  • a monthly Q & A called "Peer to Pier" (http://www.viewfromthepier.com/peertopier/) that profiles interesting people with whom Meg has crossed paths, offering a window into a country or area.  Past subjects have included a Mayan shaman, Kenyan eco architect, Icelandic artist, Maltese archaeologist and Belizean eco lodge owner.  Interviews on broader global themes have featured the CEO of the UN Foundation and the chief of UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage section.
  • the “Guest Room” column (http://www.viewfromthepier.com/guestroom/) that serves as a platform for fellow writers/travelers to share their experiences of the Power of Place, ranging in format from fables to essays to travelogues, and covering regions as diverse as Spain, China, and the Caribbean island of Montserrat.

Pier is the author of five themed photography books, in which her images from around the world are captioned by motivational and thought-provoking quotes from sages of the ages, ranging from Ovid to Oprah, all of which are available via Amazon.com. Visitors to ViewfromthePier.com are also able to purchase one-of-a-kind cards, calendars and posters.

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