Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio Welcomes Chrissy Carew and Ben Utecht December 21st


The world is upside down. Many of us are out in the world trying to survive and we are barely making it. We live as if we were islands. We retreat, suffer silently and digress. We live in fear. We hide. We feel like victims and get angry. We are so strung out, we give up on our dreams. Or we have been so beaten down, we have lost sight of what they are. To many people, the thought of going after their dreams feels impractical and even irresponsible.

The Insightful PlayerTM campaign was born to prove to you that this is not true. It is here to inspire you to follow your heart and give you practical tools to be all you can be. It will show you evidence of the immense power of the human spirit ... your spirit!

Chrissy Carew is a Hall-of-Fame Master Certified personal and business coach, mentor and trainer as well as the author of Insightful Player: Football Pros Lead a Bold Movement of Hope, published in October of 2011 by Morgan James Publishing.

Carew hosts a weekly InsightfulPlayer TV show on MingleMediaTV.com every Tuesday at 7 p.m. ET.

She coaches high integrity professional football players to maximize performance on and off the field. She also works with trailblazers who have an indomitable will and are relentless in their pursuit of elevating the world to awe-inspiring heights. She inspires her clients to reach for the ultimate state of human fulfillment by wholeheartedly embracing their gifts and ferociously sharing them with others.

Carew is on a mission to make this world a better place and has launched the Insightful PlayerTM initiative, a platform that features high-integrity people such as current and former NFL players, who are passionate about inspiring their fans, particularly kids. The Insightful PlayerTM initiative is a bold movement of hope that is fusing together the heart and soul of the players with their fans to become one.

Website www.InsightfulPlayer.com

Former NFL Player Ben Utecht

Grit and Grace Creates Harmony On and Off the Field

Graced with many gifts and talents, Ben Utecht grew up in a loving family, surrounded by music. He readily admits that he was far from perfect.  In his early years, he bought into the idea that he was better than others because of superficial things.

Ben was fortunate to have people in his life who told him the truth. He remembers a high school friend saying he had some issues with pride, and that ‘arrogance is not a quality that represents what you stand for'.   "It wasn't easy to hear," Ben says, "but it was a revelation."

Being a part of the NFL has opened some new doors for Ben.  He released his debut Inspirational music CD in April 2009.  Ben's music reflects his personal mission.  "One of my songs talks about how, if our focus was on love, and how we can better serve people, it would change everything - from politics to religion."

Ben has an inspiring attitude about his missteps and challenges.  He likens them to a trial by fire. "Some of our most precious metals are forged in the greatest heat," he explains. Even in the midst of tough times, Ben looks forward to what's ahead because he knows that growth can come from the greatest adversity.

Nothing gives happiness like a free gift!


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